Saturday, May 16, 2009

Career Marathon

Been training running lately. Initally boss made it compulsory for the whole company to join the Standard Chartered KL Marathon in end June. But drew back the compulsory bit. Obviously alot of people pulled out. But since I had aleady started training and have gotten hooked on how inspiring running can be when coupled with some emotionally stirring music... I have decided to press on.

I noticed how I always add on a little more every time I train. A couple of km more, a few minutes faster. Everytime you add on that little bit of challenge, your body feels like giving up but you press on. The next time it feel easier. Then you give yourself a new challenge...add a little more to your target. I actually look forward to my next run every time.

I guess this is also how work life can be. The career marathon. Everytime you get good at what you are doing, you take on a little bit more... so that things don't get so boring and routine. Everytime it gets easier, you take on even more... and grow even better in the process. I used to look forward to the next challenge to take me out of my routine. However, lately I've been pretty tired of pressing on at work. Sick of the routine, sick of the frustrations. Everyday it is the same thing over again. I wonder why can't I motivate myself to press on, and add that extra 1km more today... and another km more tomorrow. I used to be able to do that pretty well. What has changed? Perhaps running in itself is the routine... doesnt matter how many more kms I add?

Perhaps it's time I take on swimming???