Monday, October 06, 2014

Short + Sweet Musical 2014 Thank You's

No words can describe how happy I was last night at the Short + Sweet Musical Gala Night 2014. The musical hubby and I collaborated to write and compose won 2 awards as a team! And while we were already over the moon about that, we received the Festival Director's Award. It was all so unexpected as we had decided to take risks this year by recruiting many S+S newbies in both our teams. Praise God!!! Thank You Lord for making all of this possible..

A big fat CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners this year!!!

I am so thankful for so many things and so many people that has made this journey even possible. 

First and foremost, to hubby who always pushes and encourages me to continue to be creative and explore new things no matter how tired, lazy or uninspired I feel due to the stresses at work. Contrary to popular belief, spending the effort, time, energy and resources to write, compose or direct a musical is more refreshing, energizing and inspiring than physical rest could ever do. And it is hubby who is always behind me, making me a better person than I could ever be on my own.

Secondly, I would like to thank Ross and Shen for agreeing to take on our baby, 300 Million: The Reconceptualization of a Conception to life. I knew both of you are extremely busy and juggling a gazillion things on your plates at the moment, yet you put your hearts and souls into this. I am so proud of you Ross, your directorial debut really brought to life what had only existed in Alvin and my heads. I LOVE IT!!!!

Thirdly, to Mark and Laura. Thanks for trusting Alvin and me with your baby, A Woman At War. You have no idea how much we appreciate your empowerment in trying to bring to life what was in your heads. I hope we stayed true to your vision and made you proud. 

Thanks also to Mr & Mrs Wong and Mr & Mrs Ho, for allowing Sean and Wilfred to be a part of the team at A Woman At War. Thanks for trusting us enough to bring your sons through this musical journey despite the late nights and breaking their curfews time and again.

Thanks to Sean, Wilfred, Daniel and Thern for agreeing to play for A Woman At War. Thanks for your discipline and commitment to the rehearsals. Thanks for all your creative contribution to make the music event better than I could ever imagine on my own. 

Thanks to all the cast of A Woman At War: Boon Kit, Sara Vivian, Hilda, Teresa, Riena, Jee Yan, Kevin and Desmond for always seeking feedback and forever eager to improve. You guys have so much chemistry together and you sound wonderful together. I couldn't have asked for a better cast.

Thanks to Alfred, Nabilah and Fara for accepting the roles in 300 Million after the S+S Musical auditions. I know all of you had multiple offers and could have chosen many other musicals but I am so thankful that you accepted to be in team 300 million. And of course thanks to Calvin and the rest of the spermies who also joined the team later and brought the story to life!! You guys were perfect for your roles!!!

Thanks to Joe, Faridah, Soo, Boy, Lawrence, Arif and the entire crew of S+S Musical for the opportunity and the platform for us to explore our passion in the arts. 

Last but not least, thanks and the heartiest congratulations to the one and only musical sifu Nick Choo ... who inspired me to start writing 3 years ago after attending your S+S workshop. And thanks for continuously helping us grow by generously sharing your feedback and suggestions whenever we ask you. Really appreciate your time and your input! There is no one else more deserving of the Creative Excellence Award!! Congrats again!!

♥♥ Proud of both team "300 million" and team "AWAW"! ♥♥

Hubs and me getting the Festival Director's Award from the Festival Director herself! (photo courtesy of Short +  Sweet Malaysia) 

300 million winning Audience Choice Award (photo courtesy of Short +  Sweet Malaysia)

300 million winning Best Overall Production (photo courtesy of Short +  Sweet Malaysia)