Saturday, November 20, 2010

Strathclyde MBA graduation Nov 2010

Finally, we've made it to the finishing line!!! Graduation!!! Woohoooo!!!!
More photos on fb... hehehe... too lazy 2 post all here.

Finally got my scroll! :)

Thanks 2 hubby for being understanding

Thanks to my whole family for their encouragement!

Thanks to Sista for sharing this wonderful journey with me!!! :)

The crazeeee MacRitchies!!!

Congratulations Class of 2010!!!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

My debut wt Six2Eight!!!

Last Thurs nite was my first ever performance with Six2Eight!! :) :)

It was a corporate function so could not ask all my gang & fans to come support me. Muahahah. Anyway, it was pretty fun to part of the team!!

Sound-check! Douglas Lim was there for a stand-up comedy act

The super beautiful & bubbly Jojo Struys was the emcee

They must have one helluva budget with all da big names performing. In fact, methinks they kinda overdid the performances by having too many performers. Dancers la, acapella singers [us, of course ;)], stand-up comedy, drummers, and lots lots more. How to fit all in one night???? Takpe la, orang terlampau banyak duit kot? :p

Six2Eight awaiting our turn to perform & snacking...teehehehe

Backstage!! Eh, d fler taking our photo menggigil ke?

Theme of the nite was... Grease!!!

This ain't no Greased-Lightning?


Anyway, our performance was cut short due to time constraints. :( Expected pun, they had toooo many performances lined up for that night. Oh, well... it was a wonderful & fun performance anyway. Loved "We Go Together" the most!!! Wap-bap-belubap-a-Wap-Bam-Boom!!!!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Something's happening

Performing at our friend, Zen's daughter's wedding!! Can't believe little Jo's all grown up!!! :)

The march-in

Zen, with her usual creativity & sense of humour made us sang this!!!

aaa...aaaa.... tum paasse aye, yun muskurayee, tum nena jane kya, sapne dikhaye