About the songstress

My name is Karynn or Yee Huey and I'm a bit of a paradox: realistic yet idealistic, artistic yet scientific, spiritual yet worldly, emotional yet pragmatic, skeptical yet have faith. I love travelling yet I hate flying, driving, or transportation of any kind. I am caring & loving to my cats but I can't stand babies & children... I am an engineer who does marketing for a living & moonlights as a triple-threat in Musical Theatre. I also do creative writing & compose music.

I love my God, my hubby, my family, my BFFs and my 2 cats. I love both marketing and performing arts...and refuse to just choose one. I wish I could do marketing half the time and arts the other half, right now... it is a tad imbalanced. 

I am always torn between my heart and my head... usually the heart wins. So, I refuse to stop dreaming, no matter how reality bites me.