Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy... I don't like!!!

Life has been so crazy for me lately. I know many of my friends say that they are incredibly busy, too busy to meet up with friends. No time for leisure. I guess some people just love being busy, makes them feel important.

Well I don't!!! I totally DO NOT like having a busy life.

With my promotion, work has been soooooooo stressful!! With too many things all happening at the same time. So much to do, so little time, only 1 of me, cannot split. Argh!!

Then there's my studies, with an assignment deadline this Monday followed by 3 exams!! Argh!!

And newly passing Bodyjam, I gotta practice and practice and fit in as many team-teach as possible so that I can continuously improve. No TT = No feedback = No improvements!!! And I haven't cleared, cannot allow myself to get rusty. Argh!!

Then there's the new house, so many documents to sign. Once we get the key, gotta get quotation la, plan renovations la, ...etc. Argh!!!

Wedding plans. Photographer (not checked), invitation cards (not checked), pre-marital counseling (not checked), guest list (not checked)... er is there anything that I HAVE done??? Argh!!

Church: still gotta continue serving what... where can neglect God? He's d one who gave me everything I got. Cannot be so ungrateful one. Argh!!!

I want my life to go back to normal... and soon too before I turn gila!!

So, if any of you think that you have problems... I'm gonna crawl right out of this blog and cekik ya'all!!

Scared yet?

You'd better be!! Muahahahah...maybe too late, I HAVE turned gila...

Monday, July 28, 2008

KWSP: Anda Keutamaan Kami

Just went to the EPF Jalan Gasing with baby today to apply for the downpayment for our new home.

We took a number and within a couple of minutes, before we even sempat complete our forms our turn was up. We were greeted by a lady named Nor Hayati at the counter. She taught us how to correctly fill the forms and what documents we need for the application. I did not bring my account passbook with me and we needed that for the application. She even taught us to go to the nearest bank (which was across the street) to get a verification/statement. She told us to come back to her once we have all our forms filled and the documents completed.

We went back to her and she processed for us and even told us she'll try her best to expedite things for us without us even asking. So kind of her!!! :)

This must be one of my best service experience in a government office so far!! Kudos to KWSP for being true to the tagline they displayed at the counter "Anda Keutamaan Kami"!

Thanks Kak Yati!! You're the best!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lonely at the top??

Hhhhmmm, been feeling very lonely at work lately. Gone were the days of hanging out with my gang during meetings or congresses. Gone are the day when I even HAVE a gang. Seeing them around during the recent conference but me no longer a part of that team just amplified how much I miss them.

Is this the price to pay for my promotion?? People have always said it is lonely at the top.... but wait a minute... @1$&%*^$^!!! I am NOT even at the top yet!!

Sigh... wonder when will I be part of a real team again? Soon, I hope.... soon...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rescued photos!!

After coming back from the Cherating holiday with baby, my camera SD card went bust!!! All my precious photos were lost! Or so I thought....

But guess what?? Ta-da!!

A traditional cuti-cuti Malaysia!




the SS couple


All this thanx to my big bro Shahrul.... who saved all my precious photos. Luv ya bro!! Hugz!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lost all my vacation photos!!

Just came back from Cherating with bf today... but when I tried to download my vacation photos onto my computer, d memory card was empty!! I don't know what happened, I don't even know if it is the SD card that's spoiled or my digicam, but all I know is that my photos are gone, gone!!! I just wanna cry...