Thursday, March 27, 2008

Under her spell...

It's just one beautiful song after another from MariƩ... I'm spellbound by yet another of her songs, Spell.

Can't wait for her album!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wedding planning

Finally found a place for the wedding banquet... unlike house hunting, this was a pretty easy task. We both practically fell in love with the first place we looked.

1. It is close by to our church. About 5-10 mins drive away. :)

2. Plenty of parking spaces. :)

3. Nice big banquet hall... :)

with huge glass windows overlooking some greenery. :)

4. Strictly halal; no headaches in seating arrangements! :)

5. The walk-way into the restaurant is pretty too...plenty of greens. :)

Pretty koi fishies!! :)

6. The food is good, I know coz our church had a function there before. :)

Am so excited!! :) :) :) :)

I'd better get back to studying... only 2 more days to exam!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Ipod!!

I just won a Silver 80G Ipod Classic from Dove!!!

Isn't it cool???

I've won stuff many times... last time was a pair of 3G phones from Wall's contest. Aren't I lucky blessed??? Not only because I am Christian but all along luck has very little to do with it. Most, if not all of the contests I've won before are effort or creativity-based. I've never had any luck with random winner contests.

Initially was thinking of selling it off to buy myself a new phone. But after some consideration I guess I'm not dat poor and should spoil myself once in a while. So, I shall keep it AND get a new phone! :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Goin' halal for a while....

Just got back from Brisbane today morning. Was there for a training on surgeries and stuff coz I'll be taking up this new portfolio at work. Why was this training that I found it blog-worthy?
We really really performed surgeries on live piggies.

Really cute pink ones. Awwww...

I really feel bad for the poor piggies but apparently they were specially bred for research purposes. I don't think I will eat pork in the near future. For all it's worth, they were properly anaesthetised and their vital signs watched and controlled by professionals. Australia is pretty strict about how we treat animals and that's the way it should be everywhere! At least the cuties did not have to suffer. But I still feel sad for them :(

As for the training, it was one of the best trainings I have EVER attended. Our products are really amazing! Am really excited about taking up this new job! Don't I just have the coolest job on earth??? Excited!!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Family feud

I'm sure most of you who are married has gone through this phase: planning the wedding! You would think that something as wonderful as this would be such a happy occasion and everyone is just soooooo happy for you. *BZZZZZTTT* Wrong!

Somehow parents seem to object to every single thing their children wants: their choice of house, their banquet venue, their dress, how many guests to invite...etc... and even to the extent of their choice of partner!!!

Argh!!! It is as if this is their wedding. Er, hello... who's the one getting married here????

I realize that I may think that my parents are annoying, never agree with my opinions and never see my point of view!
But if I were in their shoes, it's the same: my kid is annoying, never agrees with my opinions and never sees my point of view!

There!! One more reason why I never want to have kids. Just like parents, you too, can't choose who your kids'll be. YOu've got to love them no matter what they are.

The only person you do get to choose, is your partner for life! And that, I've made my choice! :)

Saturday, March 01, 2008


New house? Wedding?
I guess you'll just have to wait, my pretty... drooooool....


I just realized I have made a huge mistake deferring Management Accounting!!! The next Management Accounting exams will be... March 2009... my planned wedding ceremony!!

There's so much to do and there's only one of me. All this studying and wedding planning be done around my work, which I know will get pretty hectic this year.

What am I to do???? We're on a tight budget for this wedding and can't afford a wedding planner. We haven't even found a house yet, getting a house ready will also take up time and I only have 24hrs a day, 7days a week, 365days a year. How can I manage?

Boohoohoo!!!! All experienced brides out there, please help!!! S.O.S.!!!