Saturday, March 15, 2008

Goin' halal for a while....

Just got back from Brisbane today morning. Was there for a training on surgeries and stuff coz I'll be taking up this new portfolio at work. Why was this training that I found it blog-worthy?
We really really performed surgeries on live piggies.

Really cute pink ones. Awwww...

I really feel bad for the poor piggies but apparently they were specially bred for research purposes. I don't think I will eat pork in the near future. For all it's worth, they were properly anaesthetised and their vital signs watched and controlled by professionals. Australia is pretty strict about how we treat animals and that's the way it should be everywhere! At least the cuties did not have to suffer. But I still feel sad for them :(

As for the training, it was one of the best trainings I have EVER attended. Our products are really amazing! Am really excited about taking up this new job! Don't I just have the coolest job on earth??? Excited!!!

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Anonymous said...

If you felt bad for them why did you do it?