Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mmm beh beh, mmm beh beh

While doing some research for the Scenario Planning assignment, just realized how fascinating Africa is!!

Imagine a country name like São Tomé and Príncipe... doesn't it sound cool???

Now, I wanna go to Africa!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Yeah... can't remember how stressful it felt being a student, until NOW!!

Die liao! What have I gotten myself into?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thank God for a family

Last nite was our first homegroup meeting after a long 6-week break. I didn't really feel much like going after feeling unappreciated at work. But I was on duty to share the Word, so obediently I went. What a blessing that I went!!

I was sharing on "Don't just live saved, live blessed!" But I wasn't at all feeling blessed at the moment. The words came out of my mouth mechanically as it wasn't from my heart.

Then we got into small groups to share and I shared about my stagnating situation at work which was really depressing me out. Andy and Flo also shared their similar experiences in their work. And how when God closes one door, he opens another door... in fact, a bigger and better one! He puts us through all the downsides of our lives for reason beyond our understanding. We are like ants walking on a piece of paper, we can't see what is on the paper but He sees the big picture. Someday, He will lift us up to see what is on the paper and we will undertand it all.

They prayed for me... somehow, I was more than comforted to know that I should never give up. With God on our side, who can be against us?

Flora and me!

Andy is d big guy with a big heart!

Thanks for being my friends guys!! Now, I feel so blessed... having you guys in my family of God! I love you guys!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Perfection, only from a distance

Perfection? Does it exist? Yes, only God is perfect... for everything else on this planet Earth, don't be so perasan ok?

I just found out that one of the new managers hired is younger and less experienced than me. Why is it that companies and people in general always view more highly of those new to them? Why is it that they would rather hire new people than promote those who are performing well in the organization?
Haven't I proven my worth to them? Haven't I been performing well all this while? Haven't I offered to take up additional responsibilities and did them well? Haven't I been working well with the whole team? Haven't I taken the initiative to continuously improve myself personally and professionally? Haven't I keep to the highest standards of ethics and integrity? Haven't I delivered everything I promised and even more?
Then why am I still not perfect enough for them? How perfect do I have to be to be somebody in this organization?

If anyone EVER perfect? Yes! When you see from a distance,
...the supermodel looks more perfect than you can ever achieve in the mirror
...the painting looks even more realistic than a photograph
...the mystery woman seems so much more understanding than your wife
...the family looks so happy and perfect, unlike your own
...the employee looks like the perfect fit to your requirements

Yes, from a distance everything can look perfect. When you come closer, that's when you start to notice the flaws.

So if you are in search for perfection, you will not find it. If you do find it, leave it alone or you'll ruin it with your own imperfections.

As Simple Plan says "I'm sorry, I can't be perfect!"

And yes, I am pissed!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


During this Raya home visiting, saw dis really cute kitty...

itchy scratchy...

mew... do my big doe eyes look familiar?


Don't you just love 'em?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Break free from the jar!

My first class for my MBA was last weekend… a pretty intensive workshop that lasted up to about 11pm at night due to group work and discussions. But I truly enjoyed every moment of it! Am lovin' it!!! :-)

It was very exciting meeting a whole bunch of new people from all kinds of industry from all kinds of levels. It is always exciting meet new people, make new impressions on people. Making an good first impression is always a confidence boost! Suddenly I realized that being kept in cold storage by both the companies I have worked for so far, my confidence level took a deep deep plunge as I watch all my peers elsewhere, climbing up!!

I had accepted the strength and weaknesses my bosses have planted in my head without realizing that I could actually have hidden talents even in those areas of my “weaknesses”.

Found out that my learning style was do first then learn, am not a theorist or an observer. I am the doer. So, if my bosses have never let me take up a certain responsibility, how can I learn? And how can they say that something is my weakness when I’ve not done it before?

I’ve been in the same position for almost 3 years now. If I stay on doing the same thing; I will stop learning, stop moving forward, and stop growing. Bad for my self-development, bad for my career, bad for my confidence, bad for my emotional health!

So, if there is no change or growth opportunity in this company, there are plenty out there. If those around me for too long can no longer see my strengths, there are others out there who can. I need to widen my horizons and be on the lookout!!

Remember my grasshopper in a jar? Well, this grasshopper has been jumping under the lid for too long… it’s time to break free from the jar!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Back to school

My classes start this week. Was very excited about it but am kinda worried I will have to sacrifice all my passions for 2 whole years... at least!!!

No more Less time for all my mou liu hobbies??


Facebook junkie



Or even time for the less mou liu stuff???

Quality time with my baybeh

Church Ministry

Chilling with best bud

Still, I am looking forward to a fun journey towards fulfilling this want... and the destination, satisfying!!! :)