Saturday, October 22, 2011

Short & Sweet; just the way I like it!

I know I've been quiet for a little while now. Well, that's because I had so much on my plate it was really crazy. Between my dayjob and Malaysian Girls rehearsal, I went and agreed to take on 2 pieces in the Short and Sweet Festival Malaysia. I took on a role in Short & Sweet Musical, in a piece called Oriental Takeout playing the role of an Oriental callgirl. And I took on a dance piece called Colourful Bollywood Repertoire in the Short and Sweet Dance.

Although I was up to my ears in rehearsal and was tired as hell, I pressed on with my many rehearsal after work and on weekends. Since this festival is a competition, none of us gets paid for these performances. Yet, I found the experience totally priceless and would do it all over again!!!

Through 28 Sept - 1st Oct, 10 Musicals were staged in klpac every night. It was completely sold out the the last 3 days of the show and the audiences were awesome, that's the energy that we performer feed on. I had the opportunity to work with an awesome team led by Kimmy Kiew, a resident director in klpac. It was amazing to see how her vision for Oriental Takeout slowly unveil and come to life! I never realized how important the director is until this competition. Not only did we have a great time on stage, Oriental Takeout won 3 awards that night; Best Overall Performance, Best Actor (Male) went to our team's male lead Nick Dorian and Best Actor (Female) went to.... teng teng teng... who would've guessed, me!!! Me! OMG! Never thought very much of myself as an actress before this. I was always a singer first, dancer second and actress well... somewhere down the line. I am truly truly thankful for what I have learnt from Kimmy and it was a sincerely rewarding experience to work with her. I still feel like I'm dreaming! A really good dream! :)

Many of the other plays were really good too, although I only managed to watch them only in videos after the festival was over... I really liked the 2nd one, A Taste of Love (Which won 4 awards: Best Composition, Best Libretto, Best Supporting Actress and Audience Choice) and the last one Float N'Sync: The Rise And Fall of The Bad Streak Boys (Which won best Musical Director & Best Glitz and Glamour). Both pieces had very catchy songs and very witty lyrics/script!! I ♥ ♥!!

Me & ma girls!

"Chow Mien no bareback!"
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"This is wrong don't think I can do it"
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The whole Oriental Takeout team!!
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Best Actress & Actor yo!!! :D

Our 10 minutes of fame extended to some local print media as well;
~ News Straits Times
~ Selangor Times

The next festival was the Short and Sweet Dance festival from 5th - 16th Oct. Our piece got into the finals, the Gala Night but we did not win anything. But it was still a good experience to learn up some colourful joyous Bollywood moves in the process. I've always wanted to learn Bollywood dance as I've been fascinated with the "kemeriahan" of the Indian culture. And I managed to recruit a friend, Su Yee to accompany me in the making of this colourful, celebratory dance piece! Tis always more fun to do it with friends... although I made new ones along the way. :)

turn turn turn

Pose it!


The entire Colourful Bollywood team!
Su & I

Right now, the Short and Sweet Theatre festival is still happening... although I am not a part of it (2 is all I can juggle!!) hubby is in Week 1: Life Decisions and he gets to be beaten up and killed. How cool is that???

I really can't wait to be doing more of this and spend more time & effort on the growth & development in this passion of mine. This is obviously what I was made for, my calling. :-)