Thursday, May 05, 2011

My Mediterranean Adventure

God is so good!!! Eversince several years ago when my ex-boss came back from her wonderful vacation in Spain, I had wanted to go to the Spain and the rest of the Mediterranean. She knows me extremely well, and if she said I would like it, I just knew I would! I just never found the time, the people, the money to do so. But my first travelling experience with my new job, I had to travel... all expenses paid to not 1, not 2 but 3 Mediterranean country!! This job which also God so graciously provided despite me doing a no-no during the interview to prioritize my passion over this day job. hehehe. Amazing right? Or my current bosses must be crazy muahaha.

First stop: Porto, Portugal. Met some new friends, tried some new food but not much time to see the place due to a super packed schedule.

Second stop: EspaƱol!!! And I had a weekend over there so I had time to walk around Madrid and experience the city, the tapas!!

However, I had the first adventure when I arrived. Flight delayed over 3 hours so I arrived in Madrid in the middle of the night. Took the first taxi I could get as I was totally exhausted. But the driver turned out to be a dishonest taxi and took me on a wild goose chase to the hotel which I had know was only 10mins frm the airport. It was damn scary as I was all alone in the cab so I didnt want to protest. The fare came up to €70!! Ridiculous! But I was thankful to be safe & sound in my hotel.

Third stop: Athens, Greece. My arrival was yet again greeted with a scary adventure. My airport transfer could not get to my hotel due to a public worker strike at the square in front of my hotel. So, I had to walk through a bunch of police in gas masks and shields. The police were kind and showed me the way but I could still smell the pungent leftover tear gas. Once I got to the hotel, I stayed put and ordered room service! Which was da wise thing to do as d next day, I saw d news reporting that protestors were throwing molotov cocktails around even at the normal civilians and the shops!! @.@

Strangely enough, although my new company is treating me well.... I miss my ex-boss and my ex-team. I also miss performing in a real production... nowadays, I don't even have time to make it for auditions. I had the best team in d world previously, still I left. Now, I have the best benefits and perks I could ask for, still I am thinking of leaving. Perhaps no matter which company I go, I will never feel truly fulfilled. Perhaps God gave me this new job to help me realize the epiphany that corporate jobs are not my calling??? Hmmm....