Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wanted: Medical supplies

A friend of mine who's a vet, will be going for an animal rescue mission for the Thailand floods. The volunteer team will need a bunch of basic medical supplies such as absorbable sutures, syringes, needles, anaesthetics, gloves, common drugs etc etc. If you or you know of any companies/hospital with short expiry or recently expired medical supplies, you can send it to SPCA Selangor (at Ampang near International School of KL) or you can drop me a message on my chat-box if you need more detailed directions. SPCA's telephone number is 03 - 42565312.

Animals are helpless in such situations, and will need help from their human friends. Let's lend them a helping hand in this noble rescue mission.
SPCA Selangor's initiative

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Glitzy Affair

Yesterday was the Media Preview for Malaysian Girls at Pentas 2, klpac. It was very well attended by the press, bloggers, sponsors and of course friends & family of the cast. It was my very first press preview in the world of arts and I was super excited!! Obviously I took leave from my day-job to get all dolled up to sing & dance!! We were back in Pentas 2 dressing room, just like during Short & Sweet Festival... de ja vu!! Doing hair, make-up, warm-up, sound-check, lighting, etc etc. It's just a 15min preview but it was a lot of hard work behind it for both the performers and the back stage crew.

It was a sneak peak into what Malaysian Girls is all about... What is true beauty?? What is a Malaysian Girl?? And how ugly can it get??

Here is your very own sneak peak into what's in store for you this December in klpac and January in penangpac!! Get your tickets here now!!!

The full length video courtesy of the delightful Gabbie frm klpac!!! Thanks dear xoxo

Here's another video (shorter & more Malaysian internet-speed friendly ;p) courtesy of Living Arts Malaysia

Monday, November 21, 2011

Oriental Takeout Video

Finally had some time to resize & upload this video!!

Winner of:
- Best Overall Production
- Best Lead Actor: Nick Dorian
- Best Lead Actress: me, me, me! Karynn Tan ;-)

For those who missed the Short & Sweet Festival at klpac this year.... enjoy!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cheers to sistahood

Some years ago, I wrote a post about besties or chi muis in each phase of my life?? My first ever best friend from Primary School was the only one whom I had lost touch with when she migrated to the UK. Recently, in a very random and coincidental way... I stumbled upon her on Facebook!!! Yvonne had moved around several times across the European continent and if social networking site were never invented, it would have been completely impossible to have made contact ever again in this lifetime.

It's also amazing the we both still remember each other after 20 over years!! We are now keeping in touch via Facebook. Doesn't Facebook make the world a much smaller place???

As for the bestfriend that I had just met at the time of the post...... Hazel and I are still the bestest of friends until now. In a blink of an eye, it's been 4 years of sistahood... been through thick & thin together.  :D

Shared some mini-moments of fame
News Straits Times - 16 Feb 2011
The Star - 9 Feb 2011

Starved together (for a good cause k?? we are not anorexic coz we love our food! :p)

Run a marathon together

Cheers to all the chi muis of my life!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A part of Art History in Malaysia!!

11-11-11: It was a a mark in the history of the arts in our country... and an event bigger mark in my birthplace, Penang's art history. That was the day that the Performance Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac) was officially opened. Located in the beautiful Straits Quay, in Tanjung Tokong... it has 2 awesome stages and 3 incredibly cool studios!!! (How I wish klpac's studio is that big & has that many mirrors!! hehehe)

The cast of Malaysian Girls were there too... to promote the show which will land in penancpac in January 2012. And boy, did we have a whole lot of fun together!! Backstage truly truly felt like a pageant... but a pageant with a bunch of girls with no sense of competition & rivalry hehehe. How cool (& rare!) is that?? Well, it is after all NOT a competition. We were helping each other with hair & make-up, taking lots & lots of photos together. Our hair & make-up turned out so great that the photos were super gorgeous & glamourous!! We ♥ them so much and wish these crazy backstage photos could be on the promo posters hehehe. Whaddya think??

dressing room
Zoe helping wt BB's hair

everybody wants some of BB's...
...bootilicious boooteh!!!

Strike a pose girls!!!
in perfect synch
Jai Ho finale!!!
We even came out for some "meet & greet" & took photos with our "fans" who are mostly our friends & family. hehehehe
this is a real fan :)
my uber cool sis in law!!
A must-have, hubby & I ss-ing
it is after all our 1st production 2gede!!
Of course with da cast!!
& our incredibly talented Musical Director, Mervyn!
 The other acts also made their bang in the little pearl island:

The Hands Percussion team literally started the night with a BANG!!
The Tony Yap Company
Lee Swee Keong in Nyoba Kan

The stitch-bursting comedy "Indicine Live!"
The audience's fav, Indicine Live! We're Chinese!

One of our girls Sandee, even became penangpac's hero by giving up her glam and sash to lead the lighting & tech team to make sure we all look fabulous on stage!! You don't find selfless rare gems like this in real pageants. We girls were even preparing to take on 1 task each to collectively help her glam up right before our show but she couldn't make it on stage with us... sad. We ♥ you Sandee!!!!

We all cannot wait to go back in January... Penang, see you again!!