Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chi-mui! Sorority sisters Malaysian style

A girl should never be without a good chi-mui. At every point in her life, she must have a good chi-mui she can share her ups and downs with, bitch about things, share steamy secret, go on retail therapy together and etc. I've had a very good chi-mui for almost every phase in my life!!

Just like the spark and chemistry you feel when you find the man of your dreams, you can instantly click with this chi-mui like it's predestined!

Primary School: Yvonne Lea
Who migrated to the UK and lost touch after many years of letter-writing... couldn't find any photos :(

Secondary School and Undergraduate days: Reese Loh a.k.a. Sui Poh

From high-school gals, graduating university together, there for each other through a couple of boyfriends and heartbreaks, blossoming into young working women together... our friendship has really lasted through everything! Even survived through distance! We are close friend now although she has migrated to the U.S. thanx to technology! She's having an exchange program in Japan now and I will be visiting her there next month! I can't wait!

Out of nowhere: Joyce Chong a.k.a. Budak Gile

We met in a church camp and the chemistry was just so strong, we became BFFs since then. We've had lunches, dinners, shopping sprees, bitch-fit throwing sessions, sleep-overs, strange double dates, jobs together, drunken sessions together, vacations together, and God knows what else! We've known each other for ages and have seen each other through a lot in life.

1st job, BBraun: Melanie Nyam

From ular-sessions, bitching about bosses and sharing heart-to-heart talks about boyfriends and crushes. We're still close friends till now but since we're no longer colleagues and we do not get to meet that often anymore. In fact we're competitors at work now. ;) We still have the occasional lunches together to catch up.

2nd job, Baxter: Shahrul Niza Esa????

Er... close but not quite in the chi-mui category eh?? Unless, he decides to switch "sides" and starts to wear dresses & make-up but fat chance as he's happily married wt 3 kids! Hehehe...
Oh well, my current company's culture is that everyone has their own life to live. We rarely spend any genuine personal time together. They're all nice but not close enough to reach BFF level.

Post-graduate degree, MBA: Hazel Hor

How long have I known her? About a month or so... but somehow I trust her enough to share everything from personal relationships, emotions, work, studies, and etc with her. It's like we're in some kind of Strathclyde-MacRitchie intake sorority. Go sorority sisters!!

Isn't it funny how friendships form? It's such a beautiful thing... how can a girl live without her chi-mui's eh? :)
Here's the tribute entry to all my chi-mui's!! I love you! Muaks!

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hazel hor said...

Amen sis!!! am so happy to haf u around as well, chi mui-ness fashion, chi mui-ness msn-ing during class...hehehe....