Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Déjà vu

Having started my MBA for more than a month now, it really brings me back to my good ol' studying days. All these things just seem too familiar;

There's the studious ones who trail the lecturer around, come to class well-equipped with a tonne's weight of textbooks and notes... and of course, who can forget, colourful highlighters

The crazy ones who doodles and instant message in class without paying much attention to the lecturer.

The kiasu highly-driven ones who aims for a distinction in every subject.

Those who come to class with hidden motives of looking for their other half.

Those who stick to their own clique and "chop" place for their mates. (Hey, these people are late 20's - late 30's still doing this kind of thing???)

My personal favourite... (ah, d social butterfly in me) meaningless, unproductive "discussions" that ends up at our all time favourite lepak-place, the mamak stall!!

All tooooo familiar... gives me the déjà vu feeling. And just when we thought we have grown up and matured into something more, we realize that you can take us out of school but d schoolkids are still in all of us.

Fun hor?

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