Saturday, January 02, 2016

Resolutions; A Revolution Against Routine

I know most people think that resolutions are pointless, but I believe that we should set targets not just for work but for our personal lives too. If we do not, the busyness of life will just push us around like a fierce river current to whatever direction it goes. Not having a target will not give us the motivation and discipline to swim purposefully with all our might against the current to reach your target. Often times, it is not as hard as we think. A few strokes later, you could find yourself reaching a riverbank of your aim. Take control of your life and do not let life take control of you.

This year, it will be about making connections and enriching myself. I shall set my SMART goals for each item. Deadline is 31st Dec 2016.

  1. More often than not, we only spend time with the people we have daily contact with out of busyness or necessity: colleagues, church-mates, nucleus family, etc. This year, I am making it a point to have face-to-face catch-ups with friends who have drifted to become acquaintances or merely FB friends because I no longer have daily contact with. Target: One friend per month. One caveat is that I cannot do it at the expense of time with the people closest to my life.
  2. Esya: The Musical, was a heart-wrenching story of a young rural girl tricked into prostitution and was trapped. Performing in it has got me thinking about the people who fall into the path of social ills: prostitution, drugs-abuse, crime, etc. Instead of shunning them and judging them, I want to look deeper and try to understand. Usually, it is their circumstances, their desperation that drives them to the path of being the predators or victims of these social ills. Nobody is born evil. There is a background story to each and every one of them. I picked up an co-written autobiography or memoir of a Thai prostitute when I was there for a holiday: Miss Bangkok by Bua Boonmee & Nicola Pierce. Reading it, she had so much in common with Esya! This year I aim to do two things out of the Esya experience: First Target: Read 1 book per month, autobiography books of people involved in social ills either as the predator or the victim. No fiction allowed. Second Target: Volunteer at 1 NGO this year, one that rehabilitates people who made the brave decision to get out of a social ill.
  3. Start writing again, to share about the things I read, my life, my work, my experiences or observations, or anything else that strikes me, I have stopped writing and my blog has been reduced to a cheap and ineffective medium to promote my art. I need to revive it and really write again. No rants or complaints allowed. Target: One post per month.
  4. The last time I seriously studied was for my MBA. This year, I aim to study again. I would love to attend a class or workshop in person but I could not find any in this region on the topics I seek. There is nothing like peer-to-peer face-to-face learning. However, I shall make a realistic demand of myself and allow self-study courses online. I have already found one that I will begin later this month: Health In Numbers. Target: Complete 2 courses this year.

I too, will continue what I started last year be it in personal health and fitness, or going eco-friendlier.

That is a lot to do in one year. So, I better get started swimming against the current!