Friday, December 22, 2006

Tis the season to be jolly!

Blessed Christmas!!
Happy 2007 everyone!!

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ahoy! Bad hair days ahead!!

It's been ages since I had my hair trimmed... too lazy as the regular saloon I frequent is all the way in Bukit Bintang. So, I decided to try out this new saloon near my place since they had a promotion going on: APT Professional. They have so many branches around I thought it can't be that bad...

I told the hair-stylist I wanted to trim my hair. I specifically told him not to layer my hair so much as my hair is the frizzy/curly type. It needs some weight to weigh down the frizz. He kept saying that my hair is too thick and heavy, it would look better layered. He proceeded to cut it to his stupid taste!! I stopped him halfway saying it I do not want is layered so much as I noticed him snipping it off so short on certain parts. He said don't worry, my hair will look the same in length, he's just making it lighter.

To my horror, it came out exactly as I was worried about. Frizzy with curves at the end of every layer!!!

Why can't a senior hairstylist obey the customer's instructions? Why do they think they know best? I'm the one who will have to be stuck with this hairstyle day in day out!!! What makes them think they know me better than I know myself???? I have handled this stubborn hair for the past 20++ years of my life. How can they think they know better?

Now it is beyond repair... nothing can make my hair grow back instantly.

Now I will have to tie up my hair for the next 6 months or so before I have enough length to restyle it!! I wanna cry!!! I will have no confidence in the way I look for the next 6 months!! I hate APT!!

Can I sue??? Can anyone suggest any remedy for me?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I attended the Malaysia Muhibah Network Anniversary Mixer last Saturday at the Banker's Club themed The Red Carpet Affair: Masquerade!!

Navin and his lovely wife, Poorna
Navin is the founder of MMN. Without him, none of this would be around. And now, we are celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of MMN!! Looking forward to many more mixers!

The MCs were excellent too. Look at our MC's dress!!! Did she just step out of a time machine or what?

The food was really good or maybe it was because we performers were there pretty early for rehearsals and dinner started so late we were all STARVING by the time we ate.

How did our performance go? Ooh la la!! Lady Marmalade!

Le dancers - voulez vous coucher avec moi

Le unveiling of my red dress!

Moi, a catwalk model???

Le Moulin Rouge gals!

Le final pose!

Initially was a bit worried I'd feel left out as I was new to the network and I was there all by myself but as it turned out, it was pretty fun being a social butterfly flitting from one circle to another. Cool!!!

Micheal, Steph and moi

Vishal and moi

Moi, Gordon and Marina

Poh Jee and moi

Ladies in red - Marina, moi and BB

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Of the Hula and Tahitian dance

Any mention of the Hula Dance and everyone has a picture of girls in grass skirts shaking their booty ala Beyonce Knowles. Actually, the Hawaiian Hula is a much more graceful dance. The fast shake-ur-bon-bon dance is the Tahitian Dance. Many gets them confused. I did too... not any longer.

2 weeks ago, we had a session on the Hawaiian Hula dance during the Muhib-Boogie session. It's not as easy as it looks although it is slow, it is very fluid. Therefore, there are no beats to follow, no abrupt movements and ur upper body must maintain its stillness.

Shaking our booteh!

Shaking my booteh!

Our pretty Hawaiian teacher

Don't move ur top half!

It was real fun although I haven't really mastered it. I wanna go to Hawaii!!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

When love and hate collide

I used to believe in the saying "If you find a job you love, you won't have to work another day in your life!". If you love it and enjoy it, it won't feel like work... and work life would be a breeze. Right? I know my bf thinks that too... he's completely passionate and committed to his work.

When I was in sales, I've always wanted to do marketing. It amazes me how you can inspire and influence people with the right messages... people you hardly know and even people you've never even met. You get inspiration and ideas by just being out there in the market. It's like being an artist... creativity is a very fun thing to play with.

When I left my previous company early last year for my current company... I finally get to do what I wanted. And hardly surprising, I love my current job! I love the variety in the job function, I love the travelling and I love the independence/freedom to work on my own. I love the feeling of making a difference in people's lives and I get inspired by them.

However, looking back on this year... I've missed Father's Day, 3 of my friends' wedding (including one very very very close friend's) and I've missed my dad's birthday, all because of work. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I too will be working. Thankfully, I will be able to make it for dinner with her. I've missed church so often. I'm not as actively involved in ministry. I hardly get to meet up with my friends. I don't see my bf and bestfriend as often anymore.

So is it really worth it to have a job you love? Or would you rather have the life you love?

I hope I can have both... a job I love with a good work-life balance.

But if I am forced to choose only one; I want the life I love!

I hope I will not be driven to the edge to make that choice. What would you choose?

Freedom to live

Last Saturday was our annual PD patients outing. Every year, my company brings these peritoneal dialysis patients out for half a day and enjoy themselves while they mingle with each other... good opportunity for reunions with old friends too. Sort of a treat to motivate them and let them know they still have the freedom to live, travel and enjoy life!

This year, we went to the High-5 bread factory. They have a museum there and organizes regular tours through their factory for the public, at a cost of course.

Me and one of d doc's wife

Kak Rozi and me
She's one of them doing CAPD with an inpiring story

Pakcik Mohd, me and his wife
A very nice man and willing to share his story with other inflicted with kidney disease.

All da Klang Valley PD community!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sawadikah Bangkok!!

Just came back from Bangkok today. Finally have time to say a word or two on my blog to let people know I am still alive and well...

The training was 2 full days and whatever time left of the days were spent shopping!! Christmas is around the corner after all.

The adventures began on Sunday morning... when I reached the airport at about 7++am, although my flight was on the display panel, when I tried to check in, they told me it was cancelled!! How can they cancel a flight without informing the customers? Even AirAsia sms people when there are changes. My original flight was 9.10am but they wanted to put me on the 12.30pm flight! Yikes!! So, I put up abit of a fight and tantrum...hehehe. They put me on the 7.55am Thai Airways flight instead. So, I practically had to run to the boarding gate to make it.

Since my boss, and two persons from my distributor could not make it for the 7.55am flight. I got to Bangkok early by myself. After arriving at the hotel, the Westin Sukhumvit... checked in and headed for my room. Room was quite nice.

Was impressed that they had a personalized welcome set so quickly.

Was also impressed at the minibar list.

You'll never find that in hotels here...hehehe.
Then, I dropped all my stuff and headed straight for Chatuchak!! Shop shop shop shopping!!!!

Bought quite a lot but it was super duper hot there I almost melted. It was so full of people, you could hardly find a path to walk on.

After walking for a while, I got hungry and had this chicken noodle.

Since I bought myself 2 sets of cute 2-piece swimsuits there... after I went back to the hotel, I went for a nice swim!! A nice cool treat after the heat in Chatuchak.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Singapore Sling please...

Was in Singapore over the weekend for work. It was a rather fun trip but as usual, shall not elaborate on my work.

We stayed at the Marina Mandarin, right across the road from Suntec City Mall! How convenient and I got a room on the 19th floor with a spectacular view!

At night, it's even more enchanting and magical!

aerial view of the lobby

I was initally suppose to share a room with my boss but one of the doctors did not turn up at the last minute and since we've already paid for the room, I got a room all to myself!!

Know what was the coolest thing? The hotel people thought that since I was replacing a doctor I should be one too. So, throughout the trip, the hotel people kept addressing me as Dr Tan. Ahem! Me? A doctor? Well, I decided to not correct them and just enjoy it while it lasted... heheheh.

Anyway, the room was great down to the little Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries they gave...

We even brought some of the party-animal doctors to the Equinox and danced the night away. What fun! There was a great view from there too.

The experience? Uniquely Singapore... and no, I am not getting a commission for this. :-p
Anyway... walaupun hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik di negeri sendiri. It's great to be back! There's no place like home!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ahh! It's a tai-tai life!

I just signed up for a facial package at spa near my office recently as they were having this really attractive promotion. It still made me about 2.8k poorer though. :-/
But it's not often that I treat myself to the tai-tai lifestyle and the number of sessions will probably last me for nearly 2 years. As usual, can only get big discounts if u commit to alot of sessions. (Yes, I'm rationalizing to myself for spending so much!)

So yesterday evening, I did my 1st pampering session.

Started with a jacuzzi spa bath that's suppose to help moisturise and whiten my skin.

Then it was facial time. After cleansing my face, she steams it with this apparatus. While the steaming is on to open up my pores, she gives me a wonderful shoulder/back massage. Aaahhh, was so great to have the relaxing smell of lavender.

Then it was the most painful part, extraction of black & white heads.

After that, she slather on some collagen gel thingy and used an ultrasound like thingy to run all over my face. After that, it was some eye-treatment thing followed by some really thick gooey mask that felt really cool on my face and neck.

After the whole long process was over, which took about 2 1/2 hours... I didn't really know what each step was for but I truly felt like a million dollars. All relaxed and my confidence soaring. This must be what the rich tai-tais feel like all the time as they do this every so very often. Lucky them!

I can't wait for my next session!! I'm so glad I committed to so many sessions... heheheh

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

So I think I can dance??

Heheheh, with some practice of course I do!!!

Anyway, went for my 3rd Muhib-Boogie session yesterday and we learnt Salsa!! Only da basic steps but I that's guess good enough for Salsarina Wannabes like me! It's not like I'm going pro, kan? At least now I can go on to the dance floor and not look goofy! Too bad bf's never free to teman me go for Muhib-Boogie because it's during his working hours... it would be fun to dance with him. :-/

Anyway, here are some pics, pics and more pics!!!

Da guy in da white shirt, Terence is our teacher this week,
the one who's so fast and blurry, BB is our co-teacher

Couple 1

Couple 2

Couple 3

***Salsarina Wannabe not included. Am behind da camera mah :-)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Work-rest cycle

I've prepared to blog about this because I've been feeling really down earlier. Haven't had a break from work for nearly 3 weeks. Physically, am not feeling too well already; sore-throat, ulsers and feels like the beginning of a flu. I hope it will not ruin my precious precious weekend...
However, my boss has been really sweet and I also have quite a lot of exciting things to look forward to at work next year, I'm not really that down emotionally anymore.

Just that my flow chart looks so pretty I don't want it to go to waste... heheheh.

Here is the good work-rest cycle:

Everyone know endorphins are good for your body's immune system therefore you'll get sick less. They are also happy hormones, therefore you'll be in tip-top emotional health too.
When a person is in the pink of physical, emotional and mental health, they function better, work better therefore increases productivity!

Everybody is happy! It's a win-win situation for both employer and employee!!

Here is the bad work-rest cycle:

When you don't get rest, you get moody, then you get sick. So instead of enjoying your rest days boosting up your emotional health, you spend it in bed, recovering from feeling ill. You get even more depressed. The company is not happy too, paying for all your medical bills. Once you feel physically well again, you're back at work. No time to nurse emotional health.
Everytime one of this cycle is completed, morale goes down a notch, therefore productivity goes down a notch too.

In the end, everyone loses, both employer and employee are unhappy!

All HR people should be given these flow charts. So that they can ensure the company has a more well-rested, productive team!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Spreading me thin

I have just realized that this weekend will be my only weekend off until Christmas!!! Yet, this weekend I am on worship duty at church... I wonder if anyone can replace me for that? I'd like to at least have ONE measely weekend for myself.

- Work has been really crazy;
everything is due this year, and there isn't much of this year left!
travelling like mad, and somehow everything always falls on weekends!
and just a moment ago, I got d message that boss wants me to travel some more!
I do like my work but sometimes I wonder if the sacrifices I make are worth it...
- Then there's the recording album due...
- Church activities a-plenty approaching year end...

There is only one of me to go around.

I haven't seen my bestfriend in about a month!
I haven't gone out with my bf for something as simple as a movie in probably a month too!
I haven't gone to gym as much lately too, and I'm getting fat!
I haven't been to homegroup in ages!

I really need some me time... time for myself. I really can't wait for my long Christmas break. The I can hang a big neon sign over my head:


Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend work-away

Where did I go last weekend? Up north to Penang...
To be more specific, it was Pulau Jerejak. A ex-leprosy quarantine, ex-penal colony island turn spa resort. Sorry la, da pics are not so clear, forgot to bring camera. Phonecam not so good.

Some info about the island

What was I doing there?
Tak nak beritau, in case you work for my competitor.

It was a pretty nice island... close to nature; a nice mix of jungle, sand and sea. But the service they provide was terrible!! If only it was properly run, it would be a great place to go for a short relaxing getaway. So much potential, what a waste! There are many fun things you can do on the island; jungle trekking, cycling, paintball, etc. It is not far off from Penang island... about a 5-10min boat ride only. In fact, you can still see Penang from Jerejak, overlooking the new Queensbay Mall which will be opening soon.

The rooms are quite nice, but not very properly maintained.

Da pool

Sempat pulak I went to the spa for a massage :-)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So long, farewell... my November weekends

Sigh! Will be away a lot this month... working through 3 out of 4 weekends too. In fact, flying off again tomorrow morning. :-(

So long, dating!
So long, gym!
So long, shopping!
So long, movies!
So long, muhib-boogie!
So long, homegroup!
So long, home!
So long, blogging???? This one maybe not... at least my trusty laptop follows me everywhere I go!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Last Tuesday I went for a dance session with a bunch of Ryzers. They have this network of people who do cool things together call the Malaysian Muhibah Network.

The dance teachers are all volunteers as it is more of a social thang. Just what I like! I love doing stuff just for the sake of doing it... for enjoyment. Not to obtain any qualification, not to prove to anyone/myself that I can do certain things but just to have fun!

So, an informal dancing class is PERFECT!! I get to dance (love it!) and not have to worry about any expectations to meet. It's like going partying at a disco minus the deafening music and smoky atmosphere. Plus you actually can hear each other talk when you chat! :-)

D one in purple at d front is BB, our teacher

BB has worked as a professional dancer and choreographer before. We learnt the MMN official dance, choreographed to the song, Maghalena... it has cool laidback latin feel to it. It was fun... and I definitely will be back!

I didn't go today as the weather is horrendous and I hate traffic jams. :-(
Nevermind, there's always next week!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Chauffeur wanted

I hate driving. I really do!! It is so stressful and frustrating. I got caught in jam for more than an hour just to get from KL to Desa Sri Hartamas.

And tomorrow I have to drive all the way to Penang, not for a holiday but for work. Sigh!! There goes another weekend without replacements. :-(

I hate driving because I stay so far and I have to drive such a long distance everyday, to go to work, to go out for leisure, to church, to civilization and to everywhere.
I hate driving because I have to drive outstation for work.
I hate driving because of the terrible traffic congestion in KL.
I hate driving because Malaysian drivers are @$$****s.
I hate driving because I am not driving my dream car: a big intimidating 4WD.
I hate driving because I am sick of being the tough independent new age chick.
I hate driving because.... I just hate it!

If ever I am rich, the first thing I will do is hire a chauffeur!