Saturday, December 09, 2006

When love and hate collide

I used to believe in the saying "If you find a job you love, you won't have to work another day in your life!". If you love it and enjoy it, it won't feel like work... and work life would be a breeze. Right? I know my bf thinks that too... he's completely passionate and committed to his work.

When I was in sales, I've always wanted to do marketing. It amazes me how you can inspire and influence people with the right messages... people you hardly know and even people you've never even met. You get inspiration and ideas by just being out there in the market. It's like being an artist... creativity is a very fun thing to play with.

When I left my previous company early last year for my current company... I finally get to do what I wanted. And hardly surprising, I love my current job! I love the variety in the job function, I love the travelling and I love the independence/freedom to work on my own. I love the feeling of making a difference in people's lives and I get inspired by them.

However, looking back on this year... I've missed Father's Day, 3 of my friends' wedding (including one very very very close friend's) and I've missed my dad's birthday, all because of work. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I too will be working. Thankfully, I will be able to make it for dinner with her. I've missed church so often. I'm not as actively involved in ministry. I hardly get to meet up with my friends. I don't see my bf and bestfriend as often anymore.

So is it really worth it to have a job you love? Or would you rather have the life you love?

I hope I can have both... a job I love with a good work-life balance.

But if I am forced to choose only one; I want the life I love!

I hope I will not be driven to the edge to make that choice. What would you choose?

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