Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Quality of Life

While I was in the dialysis biz unit in my company, quality of life was something we preached to all kidney failure patients. To help motivate them to live their lives to the fullest despite the circumstances.

Just what is quality of life or QOL???

In Asia, all people ever do is chase after something... a race to earn more, a race to have a higher position, a race to acquire fancy cars, luxury homes, rich husbands or supermodel girlfriends. People work later and later, and even on weekends. In the chase for their definition of QOL... riches, power and status!

Have they ever stopped to smell the flowers, to enjoy the scenery, to just spend time NOT chasing anything. A concept the ang moh's seem to know better than us. So, her we are, not chasing anything, left our responsibilities, our jobs, our troubles halfway around the world. Here we are... learning from these ang moh's, stopping to smell the flowers, to feel the fresh green grass, to breath the fresh air...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

From Glasgow with love

Been too busy to blog lately. Posting photos up on fb has made thing much simpler to share ur life with ur friends, don't you think?

Anyway, Glasgow has been pretty sunny since we arrived. Apparently, this is not normal. Guess we must've brought d sunshine with us when we came! :) :) :)

Here r some random pics! :)