Monday, May 13, 2013

Life's a Poach

It's funny how people only want other people's things. How guys like to steal other people's girlfriends... how girls like to date other people's husband... and in my case, how companies only call me for a job AFTER I have gotten one.

As you can see from my blog, my journey of job-hunting started around November 2012. I had gone for numerous interviews. I had been sending out resumes to so many companies I felt like a fresh-graduate again. It was a super humbling experience to be rejected so many times. I felt that my industry was never going to take me back. I was even contemplating running off to China in search of products to bring back and start my own business.

Then I started my new job;
- A company I have been dying to work for calls me up for an interview... I had emailed them in December and they did reply there was a vacancy but never called me for an interview. Why now?
- A headhunter calls me up at my office because all he knew was I was working for Novartis.
- Another headhunter who interviewed me at great length last year who never bothered to follow up suddenly followed up.
- And another headhunter who knows me well, calls me for a position higher than my current one yet still in the job-function I like... in a disease I have always wanted to do but never had the chance.

Why these opportunities don't come when I was jobless?
Why only poach me now that I am employed?

No wonder attrition rates are so bad, headhunters are tempting working people to jump ship because attrition is what makes their industry boom. They are not here to find us a job, they are here to poach us from our current employers. It's a good thing for us employees I guess. But I am still saying no to all so far... but I wonder how long more can I fend off such tempation???