Sunday, October 18, 2009

A moving target

I've been in the sales line as long as I have been working. In sales, it's always straightforward:

1. Set your goals
2. Plan how to achieve them
3. Put those plans into action
4. Achieve those goals
5. Get rewarded for tho$e a¢hievement$

But in life... too often, people do the same. They set the goal, work out a plan then work towards those goals so religiously that it becomes an obsession. With money, status, power... etc.

In life, it is not as simple as a sales plan. It is not a linear path. It is not a constant target. It is much more complicated, if you look at the target properly... it's moving! A wishlist will have new items and some old items which are not crossed out will just drop out of the list.

Yes, it is crucial to have goals and plans and work towards them... give you a sense of purpose. But once in a while, take a deep breath, take a good look around. You might just find that your target has moved. You need a new plan. That there are other bullseye that are more important than your current obsession.

- You could be working so hard to earn that 1st million so that your family can have a life of luxury, you don't realize you've left your family and loved ones behind.
- You could be working so hard for that promotion, you don't realize that it's the wrong career path.
- You could be chasing that perfect Prince Charming, you don't realize the one is right in front of your eyes.

Take some time off, breath and take a good look around... do you need to move your target??

Hmmm... do I???

Saturday, October 03, 2009

A juggling act

Everytime I interview a candidate, I'd ask them if they have done anything beyond what is required of the job for the company or for the team. Just to gauge if they have the teamwork spirit and the passion to go that extra mile for their career, to take on additional responsibilities.

It's a good quality to look for isn't it? It's a good quality to practice as well right?? And you must practice what you preach, leadership by example...blah blah blah.

But this is not a fair world. Good qualities lead to good actions... but it does not necessarily lead to good outcomes. What people see and judge you upon are only the outcomes. If outcomes are not out, not matter how much "extra mile" you put in, it is not enough.

In fact, the more willing you are to take on the extra, the more extra people will put upon you. Then you'll be left to juggle ALL that extra balls. You only have 2 hands, so 2 balls are in your hand... the rest of the balls are in the air. With so many balls in the air, what kind of outcomes do you expect? All the balls will be in the air la. People with one or two will have it in their hand.

A stupid clown, juggling...juggling...juggling.

Nothing but a circus act. Any more balls you wanna throw at me, world???