Thursday, January 25, 2007

Do you really want what you want?

In everyone's life, there are wants and needs.
A need is a need. You can't live without it... like air, water, food, clothes... etc
The difference between a want and a need is clear...
But when it comes to non-necessities, there are wants and there are WANTS. These are the little things that makes your life worth living. These are things that differenciate people who just get by with life, and people who live life!

If you want something, say a 36in plasma tv... but can't afford it.
You'd go to the electrical shop and look at it, admire it.
You'd go watch your favourite game or movie on it at a friend's place because he has one.
You'd apply for the credit card that offers you the chance to win one.
You'd shop at the hypermarket that offers you the change to win one if you spend more than RM50.
You'd hold on to the lucky draw ticket at your company annual dinner crossing your fingers hoping to win it.
Will you take up a part-time job to pay for it? Nope.
Will you sacrifice your daily Starbucks Caramel Macchiato to save for it? Nope.
Will you sacrifice your vacation to Europe this fall for it? Nope.
Will you work out a 3-year plan of how to budget for it and stick to that plan religiously? Nope.

If you WANT something, let's stick to the 36in plasma tv.
You'd go look at it and check out the price in all the different shops.
You'd apply for the credit card that offers you the pay for one in 24 installments.
You'd still apply for the credit card that offers you the chance to win one.
You'd still shop at the hypermarket that offers you the change to win one if you spend more than RM50.
You will either
- take up a part time job to pay for it.
- sacrifice your daily Starbucks Caramel Macchiato to save for it.
- sacrifice your vacation to Europe this fall for it... or
- work out a 3-year plan of how to budget for it and stick to that plan religiously.

See the difference? If you really WANT what you WANT, you'd not just sit around wishing, hoping, thinking and dreaming about it. You'll go to the next level, planning and actually taking action to ensure you get it.

Now, make a list of all your wants... then look at the whole list. Which are wants and which are WANTS?

Let's not waste time on the wants... and start doing something about the WANTS. It could be a new car, a new phone, a better lifestyle, your dream girl, your dream wedding...etc, all you need is to start working towards it. I guess if you really WANT it bad enough you WILL work towards it.
Lights, camera, ACTION!! There are not 2nd takes in life!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spoiling myself rotten

One of my old friends use to tell me "If somebody wants to spoil you, let them". Yup, I agree with her... but I'd like to add "But if no one does, you can always spoil yourself!"

So I did. Remember my little problem with my new year's present to myself? Well, thanx to bf and one of my FJIs... da problem is solved!! I got myself a brand spanking new handphone of my choice at last!

Pretty phone! Too bad it doesn't come in pink

Woohoo! Now I can take better pics anytime anywhere!

Me @d curve

My Melodie!

I can make two-way video calls to bf!
I can listen to music!
I can surf the net anytime anywhere!
Er... actually I could do all that with my old phone too.
But best of all, the slide-phone design looks cool! (Yeah, I am that shallow...)

Isn't technology great?
Isn't retail therapy great?

Monday, January 22, 2007

G'day mate!

Haven't had the time to blog lately... Today, I finally have some time as we have a day off, replacement for Awal Muharram. So, here r some pics frm my trip 2 Perth earlier this month!!

The day we arrived, we went for the Captain Cook Dinner Cruise.

Sunset view from the cruise

At the Sandalford Vineyard. Cheers!
Wine and bubblies a-plenty. Very cheap too! We had dinner there and alcohol was free-flow! But food was not good.
We also went sailing at the Royal Perth Yacht Club. Sailing was fun but da food was crappy again.

Da yacht
I am sailing, I am sailing...
Our rival teams

My team!!
How can you visit Australia without seeing Kangaroos and Koalas eh?

Caversham Wildlife Park

Me and little joey

Cutesy pink birds


Fresh fruits and vege a-plenty at the Fremantle Market

Pretty flowers

Cute little baby flowers

The beaches of Perth!
They even have a beach specially for dogs!! For them to play, exercise and swim! How cool is that? My poor Melodie has no where to go swimming around here.

Even their churches look beautiful

King's Park
One of the many parks they have there. They have such a healthy lifestyle. You'd see plenty of people jogging, cycling or walking their dogs around in the parks.

Still at King's Park.
It is huge!! And people have such high integrity there. My friend Vivien left her camera in the public loo but it was found by a little girl who returned it to her. What a relief! All da pics we took were priceless!

The view of Perth from King's Park... macam postcard kan?
Only Vivien and I extended our stay in Perth after the rest of our colleagues went back. We stayed with a good friend of my parents. They were so kind to have us there and even brought us around Perth.
Aunty Lena, Uncle James, Vivien, me, Kevin and Shereen.
What I like most about Australia was... their quality of life. At least in that part of the world, having a life means having time of your own. Here in Asia? Having a life means being sooooo busy there's no time for yourself. Hhmm, I can't see why is NOT having time for yourself something to be proud of. We should learn from them...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'll be home for Christmas

Er, I know Christmas and New Year are both long gone and basi. But I just got back from Perth last night and I haven't had the time to blog much lately. I felt that the I'll Be Home For Christmas event went so well that I'd like to share it with my blog readers. The Christmas presentation went well too but since bf has already blogged it, I shall not be redundant.
As Wai Ling said, every single one of us in the Ampang Jaya Home Group were hosts on that day. Some of us cooked, some of us were involved in the presentation, some of us doing the games etc. With my cooking skills, I was in charge of making the salad saje. Itupun I bought the wrong type of dressing. Thankfully, Wai Ling had spare dressing in her fridge! :-)

Setting up the table before the event
Guests started arriving
Da games!! Facilitated by... who else but moi!
I asked for a Christmas tree not the word "Christmas Tree"... Duh
The dinner... food food and...
... more food!
Then there was the Christmas Presentation! With a candle-light drama and singing.
The narrators Shum and Joyce
Starring: candles!!!
My guests...
Doc and his happy family!
Me boss in pinkish striped top... so glad to spend time with her out of work!
Me bestfriend... eh? She's not a guest, she a host!
Everyone had a great time there and we're glad all the guests could make it to the event. It's always a pleasure for the hosts when they see that their hard work is appreciated and their guests have a good time of sharing. We were super glad that they came to listen to the reason we celebrate Christmas, to listen to the real Christmas story. No Santa, no reindeer and of course no snow la, this is Malaysia.
Happy Birthday Jesus!! We love You!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Anyone wanna buy a phone?

I wanted to buy a new phone, sort of a new year present for myself. Since my friend's boyfriend sells phones, thought I'd give him business instead of giving it to others.

I wanted a reasonably priced 3G phone with a nice camera so I told him I wanted the Nokia 6233. It has a 2Mpixel camera. I also wanted a phone where I can sync with my pc to back up all my phone book, pics and music. Nokia 6233 has Bluetooth and comes with the Nokia PC Suite software for synching all that!

He does not keep ex-stock phones because his business is usually with regular customers who will place order beforehand. Therefore, he ordered one.

But mana tau I changed my mind. Now I want a different model but he is insisting I take the phone. The stupid thing is that I have already given the money to his girlfriend (my friend la tu)... :-(

The phone is a original Zitron Nokia, comes with the Bluetooth headset. I bought it at RM1090 only. Anyone interested? The phone is still with the him... even the warranty card haven't been stamped or dated. He said he will try to sell it, until then my money is stuck there and I have no new phone for the new year. :-(

Anyone wants to buy a brand new Nokia 6233 at RM1090? It's a pretty good deal, I've checked it out already.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Chilling with my baybeh

Just got back from Penang last night. Spent an entire week there with my bf... doing what? Eat sleep, eat sleep, eat sleep and the occasional gx-class. Dis is de life man!! Never knew being utterly unproductive feels so good...

I brought my laptop but no internet, can't work even if I wanted to! Hallelujah!!
I brought my outdoor cross trainers, but we didn't go hiking as planned. The food and the bed had a much stronger hold on us.
I brought my camera, but didn't even snapped one photo.
Bf drove... and his car was manual, I can only drive an auto. So I didn't drive for a week! Hallelujah!! No cranky me (during traffic jam) for a week!!

Basically I lived the Garfield lifestyle for one week!! Heavenly! Bf took some pics, hope he has the time to post them up and blog about our wonderful Christmas/New Year week!!

Hello 2007!!