Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spoiling myself rotten

One of my old friends use to tell me "If somebody wants to spoil you, let them". Yup, I agree with her... but I'd like to add "But if no one does, you can always spoil yourself!"

So I did. Remember my little problem with my new year's present to myself? Well, thanx to bf and one of my FJIs... da problem is solved!! I got myself a brand spanking new handphone of my choice at last!

Pretty phone! Too bad it doesn't come in pink

Woohoo! Now I can take better pics anytime anywhere!

Me @d curve

My Melodie!

I can make two-way video calls to bf!
I can listen to music!
I can surf the net anytime anywhere!
Er... actually I could do all that with my old phone too.
But best of all, the slide-phone design looks cool! (Yeah, I am that shallow...)

Isn't technology great?
Isn't retail therapy great?

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