Thursday, January 04, 2007

Anyone wanna buy a phone?

I wanted to buy a new phone, sort of a new year present for myself. Since my friend's boyfriend sells phones, thought I'd give him business instead of giving it to others.

I wanted a reasonably priced 3G phone with a nice camera so I told him I wanted the Nokia 6233. It has a 2Mpixel camera. I also wanted a phone where I can sync with my pc to back up all my phone book, pics and music. Nokia 6233 has Bluetooth and comes with the Nokia PC Suite software for synching all that!

He does not keep ex-stock phones because his business is usually with regular customers who will place order beforehand. Therefore, he ordered one.

But mana tau I changed my mind. Now I want a different model but he is insisting I take the phone. The stupid thing is that I have already given the money to his girlfriend (my friend la tu)... :-(

The phone is a original Zitron Nokia, comes with the Bluetooth headset. I bought it at RM1090 only. Anyone interested? The phone is still with the him... even the warranty card haven't been stamped or dated. He said he will try to sell it, until then my money is stuck there and I have no new phone for the new year. :-(

Anyone wants to buy a brand new Nokia 6233 at RM1090? It's a pretty good deal, I've checked it out already.

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