Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'll be home for Christmas

Er, I know Christmas and New Year are both long gone and basi. But I just got back from Perth last night and I haven't had the time to blog much lately. I felt that the I'll Be Home For Christmas event went so well that I'd like to share it with my blog readers. The Christmas presentation went well too but since bf has already blogged it, I shall not be redundant.
As Wai Ling said, every single one of us in the Ampang Jaya Home Group were hosts on that day. Some of us cooked, some of us were involved in the presentation, some of us doing the games etc. With my cooking skills, I was in charge of making the salad saje. Itupun I bought the wrong type of dressing. Thankfully, Wai Ling had spare dressing in her fridge! :-)

Setting up the table before the event
Guests started arriving
Da games!! Facilitated by... who else but moi!
I asked for a Christmas tree not the word "Christmas Tree"... Duh
The dinner... food food and...
... more food!
Then there was the Christmas Presentation! With a candle-light drama and singing.
The narrators Shum and Joyce
Starring: candles!!!
My guests...
Doc and his happy family!
Me boss in pinkish striped top... so glad to spend time with her out of work!
Me bestfriend... eh? She's not a guest, she a host!
Everyone had a great time there and we're glad all the guests could make it to the event. It's always a pleasure for the hosts when they see that their hard work is appreciated and their guests have a good time of sharing. We were super glad that they came to listen to the reason we celebrate Christmas, to listen to the real Christmas story. No Santa, no reindeer and of course no snow la, this is Malaysia.
Happy Birthday Jesus!! We love You!!

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