Monday, January 22, 2007

G'day mate!

Haven't had the time to blog lately... Today, I finally have some time as we have a day off, replacement for Awal Muharram. So, here r some pics frm my trip 2 Perth earlier this month!!

The day we arrived, we went for the Captain Cook Dinner Cruise.

Sunset view from the cruise

At the Sandalford Vineyard. Cheers!
Wine and bubblies a-plenty. Very cheap too! We had dinner there and alcohol was free-flow! But food was not good.
We also went sailing at the Royal Perth Yacht Club. Sailing was fun but da food was crappy again.

Da yacht
I am sailing, I am sailing...
Our rival teams

My team!!
How can you visit Australia without seeing Kangaroos and Koalas eh?

Caversham Wildlife Park

Me and little joey

Cutesy pink birds


Fresh fruits and vege a-plenty at the Fremantle Market

Pretty flowers

Cute little baby flowers

The beaches of Perth!
They even have a beach specially for dogs!! For them to play, exercise and swim! How cool is that? My poor Melodie has no where to go swimming around here.

Even their churches look beautiful

King's Park
One of the many parks they have there. They have such a healthy lifestyle. You'd see plenty of people jogging, cycling or walking their dogs around in the parks.

Still at King's Park.
It is huge!! And people have such high integrity there. My friend Vivien left her camera in the public loo but it was found by a little girl who returned it to her. What a relief! All da pics we took were priceless!

The view of Perth from King's Park... macam postcard kan?
Only Vivien and I extended our stay in Perth after the rest of our colleagues went back. We stayed with a good friend of my parents. They were so kind to have us there and even brought us around Perth.
Aunty Lena, Uncle James, Vivien, me, Kevin and Shereen.
What I like most about Australia was... their quality of life. At least in that part of the world, having a life means having time of your own. Here in Asia? Having a life means being sooooo busy there's no time for yourself. Hhmm, I can't see why is NOT having time for yourself something to be proud of. We should learn from them...

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