Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fueled by passion... tank empty

Life's been so crazy lately, juggling all the "excitement" at work and mounting assignments for my mba. Even my blog has suffered negligence.

I just hate it when life becomes so overwhelming it's like a you're drifting in a strong river current...unable to swim or hang on to anything. After a while, you stop fighting the current, just give in and let the current carry you where it is heading. Drift, drift, drift...

How I miss swimming along a nice calm stream enjoying the journey, in control of where I'm heading, and most of all, I was swimming in the stream because I actually WANT to. It was not moving by clockwork, it was fueled by passion.

I miss all that passion I had; for my job, for my hobbies, for my relationship, for my entire life! And now the tank is empty. I need fuel, anyone knows any stations nearby I can re-fuel??? :(