Monday, October 30, 2006

Special clamps anyone?

Saw this at a hawker centre near my place.

Kum Heong and Special Clamps

Fried clamps anyone? Mmmm...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Best new artist goes to...

During the 2nd day of Raya, we did not do any ziarah-menziarahi. Only did on the 1st day of Raya.

We did something else instead... decided to flex our vocal muscles instead of our other muscles at the gym.

Karaoke? Nope

My singing partner in crime since high school, Zwui

Just where were we headed?

DJW recording studio!!


Actually, we were not recording an album for ourselves. A lady from our church was recording an album and she picked us to sing in her album. Some solo parts here and there, and also back-up vocals. She spotted our talent during our wonderful Christmas presentation last year... and also all 3 of us are serving in the music/worship ministry at church... so, memang like it or not, she always nampak kita bertiga bernyanyi-nyanyi la.

I shall sing!

Alvin... lead singer of the chipmunks... where art thou Simon and Theodore?

There he is! Simon came to join us later.

Theodore? No la, he couldn't make it. It's Zwui!

D 4 of us learning up our parts

We had quite many songs to record; sometimes as the soloist, sometimes as the back-up vocals for each other, sometime in parts, some "oooos and aaaahhs", the usual stuff. We were there since morning we of course we took a break for lunch.

Right across the street was Canaan Church

What is there in Canaan Church?

Pastor Daniel and his wife, Karen.

They used to be in Revival Centre too and in the same homegroup as d 3 of us. He was also the one who led the music ministry so we were pretty close. We miss them a lot!! So lunch was a great opportunity to catch up with them.

After lunch, there was more work to do... we left there in the evening. Woooh... was very tiring but kinda fun. We'll be going back as there's still work left to do to complete the album. Will let you all know when it is out!!

We'll be stars! heehehe :-)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


After bf and I came back from Bukit Tinggi, we decided to play a game of masak-masak over at my house since my family was away in Thailand for a vacation.

What did we masak?
List of ingredients:

Sausages and chicken meat for my Classic Italian Pizza

Chicken meat for bf's Double Flavoured Malaysian Pizza (Tom Yum and Satay)

The Tom Yum and Satay Sauce

Yeah, we didn't create our masterpieces from scratch. But we haven't reached that level of culinary expertise yet.

Button mushrooms and pizza sauce

The steps:

Me cutting up button mushrooms

Bf carefully cutting the capsicum

Chopping garlic for the garlic bread

Cutting the bread

Buttering the bread

The raw masterpiece

Bf putting toppings on his half and half pizza

Satay sauce

Baking the pizza

The fruits of our labour

Savouring the results of our masak-masak session. Yummy!!

But we were both a bit too greedy with the toppings that the pizza was too rich. For the first time, both of us could not finish up a regular sized pizza.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Guilty, of kidnapping in the 1st degree

I have committed a crime for the 1st time in my life... kidnapping! Since bf is always so busy with work even on weekends/holidays/evenings, I've decided to take matters into my own hands to make sure I get him all to myself this weekend (was suppose to be d weekend of his birthday but the kidnapper came down with d pox). Muahahaha!!!

Come with me, or else!!

Blindfolded and stuffed into the car

Then we made our way out of KL... praying that the festive traffic will not affect our journey. I made sure we are out of civilization! Not within a 50km radius of any FF! Where were we going?


Colmar Tropicale, outskirts of France within driving distance

The perpetrator


The sentence?

Belanja makan kek... chocolate of course

Kidnappers are human too, they too need to eat

Then we went for a stroll at the Japanese Village. Hey, we covered 2 countries within driving distance from KL, not bad eh??? I did face some resistance from the kidnappee.

Come any closer and I'll use my BodyCombat moves on you!!

I had some moves up my sleeves too...

Haik!! I know Karate ok, don't play-play with d kidnapper.

Will you pardon me for the crime?

Of course, we made peace after that

The kidnapper and kidnappee side by side in harmony.

And went walking around more at the Japanese Gardens. Very pretty and it had a very nice sweet smell too... dunno from which flower or from the spa. But walking through the mixed terrain of the gardens really hurt my feet.

But of course it was my own fault, my vain choice of footwear

The rooms and the food was nothing to shout about. Only thing nice there is the pretty scenery.

D pretty night view from our balcony...

There wasn't much to do up there but it was a nice place for relaxation. Also, the air is such a refreshing change from hazy KL. It was a great weekend mini-break with bf. If you want an account of the crime from the kidnappee's point of view, do check it out here.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Spying on my neighbour

Although I am still not totally at peace because of that tiff I had with my distributor. I was being patient and not be a little bitch and complain about him to my boss, but instead he twisted the story around and complained about me to my boss!! Thankfully my boss supported and stood up for me. I just don't know how am I gonna keep on working with this person effectively if he continues to act like a mad dog being possessive over the fire hydrant he peed on.

But, the long weekend is here!! I shall not think of work, I shall not this of work, I shall not think of work.... Ommmm.... (breath in breath out)
Must think of happy stuff. Must blog about happy stuff.

Been spying on my neighbour lately. Not the one next door but diagonally to the back. Something new just happened there... something very interesting.

Can't see what I'm spying on? Let's zoom closer...

Isn't it cute???

Kittens are just soooooo cute. All curious and playful. Too bad my camera is only a 3x optical zoom, couldn't get a better quality pic of the little cutie pie.


Playing with mommy


Double aw...

With super adorable mongrels like this why should anyone BUY their pets at shops? Kan??