Sunday, October 15, 2006


Nope, am not talking about the translation thingy at the bottom of the screen at the movies. It's just that I have several things to talk about and shall give this post many sub-titles instead of one big title.

1. Corinne Bailey Rae CD review

I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it!!!! Every single song is wonderfully enchanting... now, not only "Put Your Records On" is my cheer-up song, the entire CD is my feel-good CD.

2. Pox marks progress

Look at it!! No progress despite me diligently putting on my scar creams! Urgh! There are still ugly pink craters on my face and ugly pink spots on my body. Habislah, if ever my bf really switch sides, I will be left alone with a spotty face and no market value. Boohoo!! Yes, I am vain... and I just want nice skin back!

3. Soft and soggy

Bought some comfort food to cheer myself up too. Soft-baked chocoloate chip cookies! I love them but they are so darn difficult to find. I guess most people like their cookies crispy so takde demand.

I think I never grew out of the baby-food phase. I like most of my food soft and soggy. I love friend wanton soaked in clear soup, I only eat cereals if they are completely immersed in milk, cookies have to be soft-baked or dunked in milk, keropok lekor has to be soft from dunking in chilli sauce, papadam rendam kuah kari, etc. Yup, am weird, soft and soggy is my taste. Goo-goo ga-ga...

4. Bodyjam 38 review
Finally had the chance to do Bodyjam 38 for the 1st time at IOI yesterday. Loved the warm-up, recovery and last block. But hate the latin track... lagunya tak syok. And there's this 1 1/2 turn right before the salsa that I always seem to tak sempat... or maybe I was just crap at it. Hope to be able try a few more times... hope not everyone changes back to old tracks starting tomorrow. :-/

5. Teen-flick

Haven't watched a teen-flick in a looooooong time. Shows just how old I am, hehehe. Anyway, watched John Tucker Must Die with bf today. It was actually quite enjoyable... cute and funny, complete with cheerleaders, jocks and lab-class. Also, it has a nice happy ending for everyone. I think that's how movies should end. There is enough terrible stuff happening in the real world, so the make-believe world should at least spread more cheer than gloom. It was all in all a nice, simple, light-hearted entertainment!

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