Wednesday, October 25, 2006


After bf and I came back from Bukit Tinggi, we decided to play a game of masak-masak over at my house since my family was away in Thailand for a vacation.

What did we masak?
List of ingredients:

Sausages and chicken meat for my Classic Italian Pizza

Chicken meat for bf's Double Flavoured Malaysian Pizza (Tom Yum and Satay)

The Tom Yum and Satay Sauce

Yeah, we didn't create our masterpieces from scratch. But we haven't reached that level of culinary expertise yet.

Button mushrooms and pizza sauce

The steps:

Me cutting up button mushrooms

Bf carefully cutting the capsicum

Chopping garlic for the garlic bread

Cutting the bread

Buttering the bread

The raw masterpiece

Bf putting toppings on his half and half pizza

Satay sauce

Baking the pizza

The fruits of our labour

Savouring the results of our masak-masak session. Yummy!!

But we were both a bit too greedy with the toppings that the pizza was too rich. For the first time, both of us could not finish up a regular sized pizza.

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