Saturday, October 07, 2006

Break Up

Just watched The Break Up starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn yesterday.

Gary (Vince Vaughn) was such a jerk! He was a jerk when they were together; he was an even bigger jerk after Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) broke up with him. I really wonder why did she even think of trying to patch things up with a guy like that.

When he finally did get things right, it was too late. I don’t like “too late”s. Nobody wins in “too late” situations. If two people really love each other truly, they can always work on a happy ending… at the very least, in the movies it should have a happy ending. Then it would appeal to couples that are happily in love. Those are the kind that go and watch date movies in the first place. I wonder whose idea is it to make a date movie ending with a clean break up. Then just who is their target market?

At least they got some things right:

Girls, don’t beat around the bush and leave hints about how you feel. Men are no mind readers. And don’t do or say something when what your heart wants is the total opposite. He will take it literally whether he likes it or not, whether you like it or not.

Guys, all girls love doing stuff for the man the love. But she needs wants to feel appreciated and loved in return, to give her the reassurance that the love is mutual. Don’t wait until there is a problem to show her that you love her.

It wasn’t really funny. It wasn’t entertaining. No witty punch lines. And usually I’m a sucker for date movies. I give it a big thumbs-down!!


sunshine said...

Hi KT,

As much as i like Jennifer Aniston, she cannot act for nuts, and this must be one of her worst movies!

The only thing nice abt her character is her job in the art gallery with her flamboyant lady boss, and that tight black shift with a key-hole on the upper-back, so sexy....I want her job and her dress!!!
Ohh and also the brad pitt lookalike guy who was interested in her....(in dream land now...)

kt said...

hehehe, her movies have always been pretty terrible. she should juz stick to the world of sitcoms, where she is appreciated! I love Friends! :-)