Thursday, October 19, 2006

Men have menopause too

Today started out really good however, my whole day was ruined due to this menopausal man I had to deal with... just one innocent phone call to ask him a question posted by one of our customers. Since he is our distributor, we respect him in decision making and keeps him abreast of our marketing activities and what we encounter in the market. But instead of appreciating our efforts, he is uncooperative, over sensitive and super-duper defensive!!! What the ****??!!! I normally tak mencarut but this is too much. Doesn't he realize whatever activities we do in the market is for the good of our business and in turn is good for his business. This is suppose to be a win-win relationship!!

I don't know how can I continue working with this kind of menopausal man. Argh!!! Wrote a super long email complaining to my boss. Feel sorry to have to disturb her on her long vacation... but I just really need to vent my frustration and only she can understand.

Sigh!! How I miss working in a company that uses a direct business model. At least marketing plans can be implemented a lot smoother when everyone is in the same boat: same company, same team and same goals.

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