Saturday, October 21, 2006

Spying on my neighbour

Although I am still not totally at peace because of that tiff I had with my distributor. I was being patient and not be a little bitch and complain about him to my boss, but instead he twisted the story around and complained about me to my boss!! Thankfully my boss supported and stood up for me. I just don't know how am I gonna keep on working with this person effectively if he continues to act like a mad dog being possessive over the fire hydrant he peed on.

But, the long weekend is here!! I shall not think of work, I shall not this of work, I shall not think of work.... Ommmm.... (breath in breath out)
Must think of happy stuff. Must blog about happy stuff.

Been spying on my neighbour lately. Not the one next door but diagonally to the back. Something new just happened there... something very interesting.

Can't see what I'm spying on? Let's zoom closer...

Isn't it cute???

Kittens are just soooooo cute. All curious and playful. Too bad my camera is only a 3x optical zoom, couldn't get a better quality pic of the little cutie pie.


Playing with mommy


Double aw...

With super adorable mongrels like this why should anyone BUY their pets at shops? Kan??

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