Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ipoh Mali

I just came back from Ipoh about an hour ago. Went there for work... am dead tired now but still got energy to blog la. Will just go to bed much earlier today.

I had quite a long break time between my morning appointments and the one in the afternoon... so had time to go explore Ipoh for food a bit. Since I am not Ipoh Mali and am totally unfamiliar with Ipoh, it was more of a random drive around town... with the jakun-look on da face, on the look out for food joints.

Then I saw this newly opened coffee shop... just opened today!!

Thought it looks quite nice so decided to give it a try.

I had their sui kow wantan mee.

It was pretty good. I asked 1st as I am still on chicken pox diet, the sui kow is all pork and vege. No prawn... but it tasted really good. I think it's the carrots, turnips and my fav, "yin sai" (I think that's coriander but not sure). The best part, it's only RM2.50!!

Anyway, last night I went out with my bestfriend, 2nd bestfriend and Yee Meng for dinner at this organic food restaurant. My bestfriend chose that place to accommodate my chicken pox diet... so sweet of her.

I had this soy pasta thingy...
The way it was cooked was good, very tasty but I just couldn't get used to the taste of soy pasta. I still like good ole wheat. I've never been a fan of fusion anyway, to me everything must be done in its original way baru la best!

Actually, Joyce arranged the dinner so that Yee Meng could ask Zwui and I about Cambodia as he was thinking of going there. Turns out he wasn't really going yet so he wanted to ask us when his trip is closer. By that time, I think we'd both have forgotten details of the trip and we'd both go "read our blog!". I think I do that a lot now. Dunno if it's a good or a bad thing but my friends keep abreast of what's up with me from my blog.

After dinner we adjourned to Bakerzin for drinks and dessert.

some sinful chocolatey stuff (sorry dunno what it's called)

I figured I can afford to sin a bit as Fatboy said that I had lost weight when I bumped into him at FF Menara Manulife right before the dinner. Twas a good dinner and good company too. Maybe next time when I'm off the chicken pox diet we can go for seafood!! I miss seafood, I miss beef, I miss all the stuff I'm not supposed to eat!!! :-(

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Anonymous said...

hope u get well soon and eat what you wish to eat :p miss u so much. been long never see oh...take care there!