Friday, October 06, 2006

Fruit of my labor

Well, my little outing to d neighbourhood Jusco this morning didn't start any panic attack, nor did anyone gimme weird stares...

Anyway, did pick up some food for myself and magazine! Food that actually have taste, food that isn't bread, congee or noodle in clear soup. Urgh, those food always make me feel like I'm sick. Makes me feel like a patient. Heck, the last thing a sick person wants to feel is sick. Nobody likes to be a patient.

So, I managed to shop, cut, dice and boil... and made myself some mushroom and herb pasta for lunch!! Finally real food...

May look a bit soggy but that's the way I like it! Yum!

For dinner,

Lemon Salmon steak with sauteed vegetables and cream of celery soup!

Ok, everything but the sauteed vegetables came from a can, nevertheless, it was heavenly for me. The fact that I did it myself makes me feel independent again, makes me feel liberated once more. Makes me feel that I am no longer a patient... probably that should be my new angle in marketing, making my patients feel that they are NOT patients!!

Independence is a great feeling... the chocoloate ice cream for dessert helps too! :-)

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Anonymous said...

not bad at all afterall u still can have quite nice food eh. not like one of my friend everyday every meal just pork rice :D

hope u get well soon! happy mid autumn festival! *hugs*