Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A bit better now

Feeling a bit better today... emotionally that is. Physically, sama lah... still spotty, sore and itchy.
My parents have stocked up d fridge with chicken pox friendly foods so I no longer have to eat plain mee suah in salt water soup. Now I have choices... no need to starve! :-)

My boss also called to see how I'm doing... so she has a heart after all!! Apparently, the whole office have not got their chicken pox except for her so now they are all afraid of me. I am off this whole week and according to big boss, I will need to go and see d doctor again to see if I am still contagious next Monday before I go back to the office. We have such a small office it would be disastrous to have them down with chicken pox. The show must go on, so I may be working from home.

Still, physically, I want to heal and I want to heal NOW! Quickly dry up la stupid pox!!


HL said...

hey! get well soon! most importantly - even though it feels and looks bad now, if you manage not to scratch, eventually it will go away with little evidence!

kt said...

thanx HL!! but it is so itchy, i think i screwed up a few pox already... scarred for life!! :-(

yhsmom said...

Just got my chicken pox vaccine today!

kt said...

great!! good move! i should've done that earlier too, now m scarred 4 life! :(

Anonymous said...

scars can get rid of them one! no worries ;)