Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

It's is my birthday!! My 34th birthday to be exact. yes, thirty-freaking-four! I feel like such a dinosaur.

This is going to be the year of discovery. Yes, I have arrived at that funny little milestone called the "mid-life crisis". I only plan to live to about 60++ so, yes... 34 is mid-life by my standards. I really can't wait for my 1-year sabbatical from the corporate world.

Is now too late for me to take an entirely new path for my career?? I have heard of people who had the courage to take the path less traveled after walking the "normal" path for a while. People like Linora Low and Mynn Lee who gave up their day-jobs when their inner entertainer / arts practitioner could no longer be suppressed. Now, they are both successful at what they do which is a cocktail of stuff related to the entertainment and arts such as radio-DJing, acting, producing...etc etc. Cool kan?? :) But both of them were definitely much younger than I am now when they decided to switch paths. How would an over-the-hill actress fare then?? My very first audition this year, and I was already told that I am not young enough to play the lead character... and too young to play the supporting roles since those were moms of the leads. @.@

This year, is my year of self exploration... exploring what excites me, inspires me, what drives me, and what keeps me going ... in or out of the arts. If things work out, I will be juggling the arts and my second passion (which I hope pays more than theatre kekeke) forever. If things do not work out, you will see me crawling back to the boring 'ol corporate world.

All the best to me... to the over-the-hill, 34 year-old, mid-life crisis ridden... but still-acts-like-21... one-and-only ME!!! Happy birthday!!
I am far far away.... weeeeee

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unconditional love ;-)

It's Valentine's Day... hubs is gonna be home late so am still lepaking around awaiting him to burst through the door for our big fat Valentine's kiss! While today, most people would talk about love between a man and a woman, I am gonna talk about the strange unconditional love people have for their pets. With your partner, your kids, your parents... you have certain expectations from them even if you love them to bits, true?

With pets, do we have expectations?? 

Lo and behold!! Notice the horrendous state of my couch and cushions??
"you're never here anyway, this is OUR couch... meow"
"what???? prrrr prrrr"
And what do I do if I ever catch them red handed in their destructive activities? I unleash the wrath of....
the lean mean... squirty bottle!!
They too have their secret weapon... they unleash....

... THE FACE. You melt, and think "Holes in the couch ain't so bad. Gives the house a new-age I-don't-give-a-damn-artiste motif, don't you think??" I love my kittehs, and the love for someone/something that can do nothing for you... is unconditional love. Meow! Happy Valentine's Day!! ;-)

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Take your passion, make it happen

The minute I announced that I wanted to take a year off for a sabbatical... I get "attacked" right, left, centre by people who try to recruit me into MLM or other MLM-esque businesses offering the promise of passive income. (Hmm, if it's so passive why are they actively recruiting me then? =.=") Passive Income... is the ultimate dream of many people I know. Free-flow of money... effortless, and you can spend your days in a "tai-tai"-esque manner in spas, cafes, travelling to exotic places without having to worry about money. It's the ultimate dream isn't it? The dream to have no needs, no stress, nothing to strive for.

However, for me... passion and obsession is an important ingredient in my happiness. Yes, I would love passive income but I still thrive on wanting something badly and working my ass off to obtain it. For me stressless-ness and having nothing to strive for, is like having nothing to look forward to. The loss of purpose and drive... boredom. I love the feeling of wanting something badly, and I love the feeling of getting that thing I want badly, even more. If I do not have anything I want badly, how can I get that thrill of getting the thing I want badly?? Confused yet?? ;-)

During this sabbatical, I would like to tryout everything and anything that I have always wanted to but was afraid to, did not have the chance to or does not pay the bills. I am an avid believer that passion is what drives excellence. If you love to do something so much that you would do it for free, you will do such a good job that people will pay you to do it... makes sense?