Saturday, November 29, 2014

Reliving the glory

Every time I re-watch this, I still laugh ... hehehe. I suppose it's normal to appreciate your own art. Enjoy! I do. ;-)

Monday, November 24, 2014


Rain, solitude and free-time: A perfect recipe for reflections. 

Picture credit: The Darkroom - The Baltimore Sun
I just had a wonderful albeit stressful event over the weekend and I am relieved it is successful and it is over. I am thankful to have a united team that made it work although I still feel a bit like an outsider, like I don't belong. My boss and clients are happy and appreciative. So, I am having a nice quiet Monday-off today. No Monday blues can touch me today.
I have just celebrated my dad's 65th birthday over lunch with the whole family. He's recovering well after the cardiac fiasco in April, and he seems happier and less grumpy these days after the incident. I'm happy that he's happy. I'm glad my parents support and even help me prepare for my upcoming "I have a date with spring" callback auditions. It means the world when pragmatic Chinese parents support your artsy passion.
I just had my husband surprise-visit me at my event last Saturday night. And last night, we were discussing on how fragile love is and we both agree to continuously work to make our marriage as wonderful and magical as it is yesterday, today and forever during our family devotion time.

Everything in my life is wonderful at the moment. So, what is this poignant feeling I'm having? I suppose... artists emote, somehow it is part of our DNA. Oh, and of course, blame it on the rain.