Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sweet Success!!

Outdated post: Had absolutely no time for the past 3 weeks but better late than never. After being rivals or competitors wt hubby as performers in last year's Short + Sweet Musical Festival, this year we decided to collaborate and write a musical together after attending the superb Short + Sweet Musical Workshop several months ago by Llew Marsh and Onn San.

The verdict of our collaboration???
A record-breaking 7 awards!!!
- Best Overall Production
- Best Director: Freddy Tan & Siti Farrah Abdullah
- Best Musical Director: Clarence Chua
- Best Lead Actor: Malik Taufiq
- Best Lead Actress: Anrie Too
- Best Supporting Actress: Lynn Goh
- Glitz and Glamour Award for Costumes & Make-up (by Zef)

A big big CONGRATULATIONS to the entire team of The Geongxi Is A Vamp!! Geongxi Geongxi!

If you've missed it, (like us :( as we were performing for Empress Wu next door in Pentas 1)... here is the video of the show! Knock yourselves out!!