Friday, July 13, 2012

Can't have it all... can I?

I know I have lotsa exciting things to blog about such as my nice long trip to the US, my Broadway experience... or my long-time dream to be cast in a Dama Orchestra production finally coming true. (yayyyyyy!!!)
But I realize I am back to reality... and I have paths to try and decisions to make. That was the sole purpose of this sabbatical. The fantasy part of this sabbatical is over. No more overseas trips lined up, no more Broadway-dreaming, no more siu lai lai-ism. Just the falling sands in my hour-glass telling me that my sabbatical time and my sabbatical funding is running. Sure, I've planned for a year... but a year can go by in a blink of an eye without getting a conclusion if I am not careful or disciplined to see through my plans.

I need to make a choice for my future... so, what are my options??? Let's be analytical and practical... my 3 main sources of joy in my career: my passion in performance arts, my fascination for marketing and like every other human on this planet... money! With that, I've plotted my Venn Chart:

Perfect Option: Note that the middle section where my perfect career choice lies... does not exist. No corporate giant would be happy pay big bucks to hire a marketeer who is committed to moonlight as an arts performer... no matter how good you are. That is a fact that I have learnt and accepted while juggling the arts in my last 2 jobs. In fact, they were both jobs which I did enjoy doing. :-( Start my own company?? Spoken to a few entrepreneur friends and more often than not, this requires even more time commitment than the rat-race, which means no time for arts!!

Option 1: Corporate rat-rate; been there done that, can always go back... but giving up the arts is NOT an option at the moment.
Option 2: Financial product salesperson; cold calls to strangers who hang up on you, stands you up for appointments but it sure pays damn well. Not attracted to the process but I do like the money and time flexibility. KIV.
Option 3: Free-lance marketeer; not always available and doesn't pay much. You can end up doing mostly sales free-lancing for them rather than actual marketing. Just landed my first free-lance marketing/sales job with a magazine... no fixed pay, just variable pay based on my output. Fair enough. Will give it a try first, I start today.

First step taken... let's see how it goes. Will not give up hoping or looking for that elusive but precious center piece of my Venn Chart. Wish me luck!! =)