Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Singapura, oh Singapura

We just got back from Singapore on Monday night and took a nice day off doing practically nothing. Only back to work today... sigh... you always don't feel much like working after a holiday. Plus the big disappointment that happened last week.... lagi takde mood! Sob sob!

Oh well... let's get to the happier topic. The trip was wonderful. All the time in the world to spend with bf. We stayed at a budget hotel called Fragrance Hotel @Selegie Road. Rooms are quite comfortable, clean and equipped with da basic stuff. But da bathroom/toilet???

So small u take do ur "biznes" and take a shower at the same time!!

There was nothing much to do in Singapore actually. We walked around the shopping malls most of the time.

@Orchard Road

Then we met up with some friends in the evening. Met up with my friends/colleagues Tina and Wendy first and found out some depressing news of many people leaving da company there. These were da 1st people who trained/orientated me when I first joined. The people I even went for vacation with. Now they are going, going and soon... gone. How sad... I guess even if we are no longer colleagues we can still stay friends.
Later we met up with bf's fren, Leslie who just went over to Singapore to work for SIA.

Then on Sunday, came our main purpose for the trip. Tha Phantom of the Opera!

@d Esplanade

The show was really good. The music was great and the stage effects, fantabulous!! Really love how they manipulate the stage and props to create perfect scenes everytime. Only thing is that our seat was so high up, we couldn't watch it at eye-level. The tickets were sold out!! Every single seat taken up.

After the show, we just walked around in some more malls and also around the Boat Quay area.

@Boat Quay

But we ended up for dinner at City Hall area.

Ooey Gooey cheeeeeezy sticks!! Yum!

It's always a good vacation when you go with the right person. Can't wait for our trip next month!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

1C or 5C?

Had a depressing disappointment at work today... Don't feel like talking about it. Tomorrow is my vacation with bf to go watch The Phantom of The Opera... should feel happier. So, shall blog happier stuff.

What are the 5Cs most women look for in man?
Cash, Credit Card, Condominium, Car, Career

So that they can have the financial security and the luxury to not be burdened with any economic matters.
So that she will be well taken care of for the rest of her life.
So that she would be worry-free about her future family's living conditions.
So that her parents would be worry-free about her life.

So she should not complain if he doesn't pay her enough attention, or doesn't give her romantic surprises. Those were not the pre-requisites for her choice, if he does... it is an additional bonus.

But me? What do I look for in a man?
Only 1C... Chemistry.

So that I feel like I'm on cloud nine when I see him.
So that I miss him when I'm not with him and get excited anticipating our next meeting.
So that when we are together, fireworks goes off in my heart.
So that when I'm miserable or depressed, he's there to make me laugh.
So that we enjoy doing the stuff we love together.

Does my bf fit the bill??

1000% yes!!

Then why is it that sometimes I still give him such a hard time because of my own insecurities about our future? I guess it must be all my friends with 5C boyfriends having an effect on me.

Financial security, I can build all by myself. But true love can only be found with that special soulmate. Why should I give up true love a the expense of something I can build on my own? I know that there are some super blessed girls out there who found their true love with someone with all the 5Cs.
I chose the 1C, the other 5Cs were not the pre-requisites for my choice. If the 5Cs are there, it's just an additional bonus!! If not, it's still fine.

I guess from time to time I just have to have a dose of that cloud nine feeling to remind me that I chose to be the 1C kind of girl and not the 5C type.

So, am really looking forward to our vacation together this weekend!! I've always loved going to Singapore whether it was for work or leisure... but this time it's different because it's with him. Cloud nine, here I come!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Muhib-boogie's back!

Warm up those dancing shoes... muhib-boogie's back!!
Oh, it was actually back since last week but I missed it. Today I just got back about an hour ago from a session of Muhib-boogie!! This time in a new studio!!

Studio Akarkarya at Damansara Uptown

The last studio we used at Taman Desa had no proper wooden floors and no mirrors. Although that studio was much closer to my house but going the extra mile to this studio is worth it!

Cool studio eh? Mirrors for us vain-ports!!! ;)

Audition ads... gives you the "Fame" or "Centerstage" feeling!

After the class started, I didn't have the time or the chance to take anymore photos.

Today was suppose to be a Salsa recap but there weren't enough guys. Er, actually Muluk was the ONLY guy. So, we just learnt basic dance steps like kicks, turns and jumps. Fun fun fun!! Actually, a rock theme MMN mixer is coming up... perhaps we should learn up a choreography of a rock number to perform then eh??? But abit too short notice since the mixer is next week. Dah lah we are all amateur dancers, may need extra time to pick up da moves and grooves.

Anyway, we'll be back next week!! Muhib-boogie rocks!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The winds of change

I remember clearly the managing director of my ex-company used to say... "the only thing constant is change" He also added that if you meet someone after many years of not seeing them, if they tell u "you haven't changed a bit". It is NOT a compliment. He has since retired but his words remained in my head.

As Christians, we believe that all human beings are imperfect. We also have a children's song that goes "Little by little, everyday. Little by little, everyway... Jesus is changing me." Then the last bit of the song goes "And someday perfect I will be!"

Yup, all of us are imperfect. But being imperfect beings is not an excuse to stay imperfect. We should all be a


The key word??
We need to progress. To progress, we need to make changes. Make positive changes to our imperfect selves in the journey to reach perfection. We may never reach there but the along the way, we will become better and better each day.

But what if certain aspects surrounding your life seems stagnant? It could be your job, your relationship, your financial goals etc. What if you are not seeing the positive changes taking places?

It's not that I'm that impatient to want a complete change from A to Z all of a sudden. But it would be nice to see B, C, D, E, F.... along the way.

So, when should you give that path up and start working afresh on a new journey of progress?
Or should you be patient at point A and hope that point B is just around the bend?

I believe that I have changed in many ways for the better. Stronger, more mature, more responsible, more independent and more... I would naturally hope that all aspects surrounding my life progresses along with me.

In my case, looking retrospectively at my life, year 3 is always the most crucial. It is always at year 3 that I am faced with this scary crossroad.

Should I stick around and hope and pray that point B is waiting for me just around the bend??
Or should I attempt a scary new journey which will also not guarantee the path to point Z??

I hope I'll survive this year... then perhaps I'll be in the safe-zone, life'll be more stable, the journey ahead clearer, the destination'll look closer.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Where's da good ol' Penang?

Am in Penang today for work. As usual, I'd go and have d yummy Penang food that I crave. Had my fav Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng and the standard were maintained.

Alas!! Went to Swatow Lane for lunch and I found this instead

Proper food court!! Oh no!!

What happened to my yummy roadside food??? They claim that the stall were the same but when I ordered the food... I was sooooooooooo disappointed. Not as sedap as da good ol' days no more!!

I miss d good ol' Penang food...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bodyjam 40!!

Went for the new Bodyjam 40 last week. I have mixed reviews for this release. Music not as good as the last release, not so many hits in the songlist.

- Warm-up, so-so sahaja.
- Da latin track, tak ada kick la. Still prefer the previous release.
- The jive-swing track is da bomb!!! I loved "Candyman" at first move! I have always loved the swing era. The music, the fashion, the dance... love it love it love it!!! Btw, does anyone know where can I take up swing classes????
- Recovery track was cool too! JT's "My Love"
- Da last block, also so-so sahaja la. All the songs tak pernah dengar la.
- Cool down was quite cool, with da disco feel.

Overall, my fav is still Bodyjam 39 and 35. Still, I will go back for more, just for a taste of my "Candyman"!!! It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing! ;)

1 per album

Have no idea why do I only like 1 song per album. It is totally not worth it to buy a whole album that costs RM40++ just to listen to 1 measely song. Unfortunate for me, my car audio system is still d conventional CD player. Can't plug in MP3 players so I can't buy the iTunes or anything like that.

I like:

1. Jojo's The High Road - How To Touch A Girl (love it!!!)
2. Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics - Candyman (love it!)
3. Cassie's self titled album - Long Way 2 Go
4. Shakira's Oral Fixation - Illegal
5. Justin Timberlake's Future sex/love sounds- Sexyback
6. Beyonce's B'day- Irreplaceable
7. Vanessa Hudgens' V - Come Back To Me
8. Happy Feet OST, Gia Farrell's - Hit Me Up
9. Jem's They - Wish I

Anyone knows if these are available in singles here???

Friday, March 09, 2007

Wanted: travel mate

Earlier Annjet was looking for a travel mate to Japan.
Then Andy was looking for a travel mate to Japan as well.
I declined to both as I had just gone to Korea last year. These 2 countries have lotsa similarities.

Just like last year, I am still hoping to find someone who wants to go to Spain with me. Hey, when I want something I really really want it! Very rarely do I change my mind.

Encantador EspaƱol

Or a luxury cruise would be nice too

But till now, no sign of anyone who wants to go to Spain or on a cruise with me...
Suddenly Japan doesn't sound all that bad hor??
But Annjet's going to Bangkok and Cambodia. I just went last year, I definitely don't wanna go again so soon.
And Andy hasn't decided, he may wanna go to Australia. I just went there in Jan!! Tak nak la.

Apalah!! Now I am back at square one. So here's my ad. Only friends/family can answer this ad. Sorry but am not keen to travel with a stranger I meet from cyberspace.

Fun, energetic, easy-going, adventurous, does not rush, likes culture, food and shopping!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Warm already??

Just went for Bodyjam just now. It was not the regular instructor but a replacement. Although it was all d tracks I love... it was two 2nd blocks from different releases.

Eh! Mana pergi the warm-up???
Entah la... maybe weather too hot, he was already warm???

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuen lin fan

Translated it means reunion dinner. Well, my cousins and I had a reunion dinner during Chinese New Year at Sunway Pyramid. The last reunion we had was in 2005!! It's such a pity that we only meet so rarely because I remember when we were much younger, we were much closer. I guess that's what growing up and getting your own life does to family ties eh??

Well, we've planned to have it more often from now on. Let's hope we really do stick to it!! :)

Couzies reunited!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Last Sunday I had to be up by 5am to go to work. Not regular office kind of work but twas a outing for the kidney failure patients at Port Dickson.

Bodyjam? Bodycombat? hehehe, just some patients exercising

When we were there, one of the peritoneal dialysis patients needed to go to the loo and was frantically searching for one. Then another patient who was on haemodialysis said to him, "Oh! Berlagak la ya?? Tau lah engkau boleh kencing lagi!!"

Just to clarify, patients on peritoneal dialysis do retain some of their kidney functions therefore can still kencing where as the haemodialysis patients normally lose all their kidney functions soon after doing haemodialysis. With zero kidney function, you don't kencing.

Never realized being able to kencing is something to berlagak about. Never realize being able to kencing was such a blessing. Today, I'd like to thank the Lord that I can still kencing!! See what revelations this job can give me... can always find little things that we ought to be thankful for. We just won't realize it until we've lost it eh? Now if you'll excuse me, aku nak gi kench.