Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bodyjam 40!!

Went for the new Bodyjam 40 last week. I have mixed reviews for this release. Music not as good as the last release, not so many hits in the songlist.

- Warm-up, so-so sahaja.
- Da latin track, tak ada kick la. Still prefer the previous release.
- The jive-swing track is da bomb!!! I loved "Candyman" at first move! I have always loved the swing era. The music, the fashion, the dance... love it love it love it!!! Btw, does anyone know where can I take up swing classes????
- Recovery track was cool too! JT's "My Love"
- Da last block, also so-so sahaja la. All the songs tak pernah dengar la.
- Cool down was quite cool, with da disco feel.

Overall, my fav is still Bodyjam 39 and 35. Still, I will go back for more, just for a taste of my "Candyman"!!! It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing! ;)

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