Sunday, March 18, 2007

The winds of change

I remember clearly the managing director of my ex-company used to say... "the only thing constant is change" He also added that if you meet someone after many years of not seeing them, if they tell u "you haven't changed a bit". It is NOT a compliment. He has since retired but his words remained in my head.

As Christians, we believe that all human beings are imperfect. We also have a children's song that goes "Little by little, everyday. Little by little, everyway... Jesus is changing me." Then the last bit of the song goes "And someday perfect I will be!"

Yup, all of us are imperfect. But being imperfect beings is not an excuse to stay imperfect. We should all be a


The key word??
We need to progress. To progress, we need to make changes. Make positive changes to our imperfect selves in the journey to reach perfection. We may never reach there but the along the way, we will become better and better each day.

But what if certain aspects surrounding your life seems stagnant? It could be your job, your relationship, your financial goals etc. What if you are not seeing the positive changes taking places?

It's not that I'm that impatient to want a complete change from A to Z all of a sudden. But it would be nice to see B, C, D, E, F.... along the way.

So, when should you give that path up and start working afresh on a new journey of progress?
Or should you be patient at point A and hope that point B is just around the bend?

I believe that I have changed in many ways for the better. Stronger, more mature, more responsible, more independent and more... I would naturally hope that all aspects surrounding my life progresses along with me.

In my case, looking retrospectively at my life, year 3 is always the most crucial. It is always at year 3 that I am faced with this scary crossroad.

Should I stick around and hope and pray that point B is waiting for me just around the bend??
Or should I attempt a scary new journey which will also not guarantee the path to point Z??

I hope I'll survive this year... then perhaps I'll be in the safe-zone, life'll be more stable, the journey ahead clearer, the destination'll look closer.

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