Saturday, March 03, 2007


Last Sunday I had to be up by 5am to go to work. Not regular office kind of work but twas a outing for the kidney failure patients at Port Dickson.

Bodyjam? Bodycombat? hehehe, just some patients exercising

When we were there, one of the peritoneal dialysis patients needed to go to the loo and was frantically searching for one. Then another patient who was on haemodialysis said to him, "Oh! Berlagak la ya?? Tau lah engkau boleh kencing lagi!!"

Just to clarify, patients on peritoneal dialysis do retain some of their kidney functions therefore can still kencing where as the haemodialysis patients normally lose all their kidney functions soon after doing haemodialysis. With zero kidney function, you don't kencing.

Never realized being able to kencing is something to berlagak about. Never realize being able to kencing was such a blessing. Today, I'd like to thank the Lord that I can still kencing!! See what revelations this job can give me... can always find little things that we ought to be thankful for. We just won't realize it until we've lost it eh? Now if you'll excuse me, aku nak gi kench.

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