Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

So, am 1 year older... one year closer to the big 30. I don't mind growing older chronologically, bcoz you are only as old as you feel. But hhhmm, it does make you reflect upon your life.

Yesterday was more eventful and blog-worthy. My homegroup gang went house to house, pai lin. They even came halfway across the world to my house! And they celebrated my birthday! :)
We started out in Andy's house where we were completely stuffed with food!! He has always been the most generous person in d group.

At Andy's place

An abundance of food!

Yum yum!

Our generous host, da big guy with da big heart!

Andy's Puppies!!!!

In the afternoon, we went to Yuet Ngoh and my place.

At night we went over to Eric and Selan's place for some more food.

Steamboat! How was it?

Our gracious host says "good!!"

Then it was birthday celebrations for Eric and me. They bought us chocolate brownies! Yum yum!!

Today itself was nothing much though...
- I am back to work today with lots to do.
- bf's not around.
- my family is having a steamboat dinner gathering... but the occasion is CNY.

- my bestfriend came all the way to see me and pass me my birthday present! A very pretty one too.
- my boss and colleague bought me lunch.
- was gonna send my laptop which went dead on me few days ago for fixing when it suddenly came back to life!
- Ps Ronnie and Ps Lisa sent me a lovely card this year for d first time!

Only about 1 hour left of my birthday... I'm very thankful to have so many wonderful caring friends and family around me this time of the year. I'm not sensitive about age and have never been worried about growing older but birthdays do make you think alot about your life...
what have I achieved in life so far???
has my personal life progressed???
has my career progressed???
has my spiritual life progressed???
have I progressed at all since my last birthday???
where do I go from here???
as Carrie Underwood would sing... Jesus, Take The Wheel!!

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