Monday, February 12, 2007

Funk with my heart!

Last Saturday, instead of attending class at FF IOI near my place... I rushed all the way back to my favourite club, FF Axis to attend the 1.15pm Bodyjam. I was almost late for the class and bumped into Ann Jet in da locker. She was rushing to attend da Line Dance Funk class.

Eh? Line Dance??? No!!! Bodyjam cancelled?? Argh! I didn't wanna attend one of those aunty-filled line dance class with country music.

But I went anyway since I was already there and since Ann Jet was accompanying me 2 da class.

I kinda lost my work-out mood and was expecting not to sweat one drop that day. But.. when da music came on, voila! It was "Man-Eater" by Nelly Furtado. And da moves? Grooveh!! Da next song was "SOS" by Rihanna!! One of my favs which was in both


Da moves for "SOS" was even groovier!!

And da workout?? Was fabulous!! I worked up so much sweat and I bet a whole lotta endorphins too!! You can bet I'll be back for more!!

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