Monday, April 30, 2007

Vacation with baby!

Notice that I've checked off "vacation with baby' from my "heart's desires" on the side bar?
Well, we went to Kuala Terengganu last week!! Bf won the stay in Suria Merang Resort.

A quiet resort...

But the highlights of the trip was not the resort. The ingredients that made this a wonderful trip are:

The company

White sandy beaches

Clear blue sea

What more can a girl ask for?
Stay tuned for more on the trip!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Of pina coladas and bikinis

Woohoo! Vacation with baby! Sun, sea & sand... here we come!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Clammy situation

Today our big big director and another big boss from business development came around this part of the world to meet up with us. Meeting and then dinner as well.

My big boss actually opened up a big window of opportunity for me to showcase my work to these big shots in d company. Normally, I am a stage person... absolutely in love with the spotlight. I've always loved to talk, loved to shine, loved to showcase myself... hence am a regular blogger eh?
But somehow, this time... all I did was show them the stuff I did... spoke a few modest words and totally clam up!! Me? Clam up??? What in the world was wrong with me??!!! But I really totally clammed up! Didn't utter a word. How can I ever get a promotion like that? Yikes! I hope I did not ruin the impression the big shots have of me... or my boss's efforts of helping me shine would be in vain. :-/

Clammy me...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Showtime Synergy

Maybe some of you can remember the phrase from the title to be from an old animated series "Jem"?

Hehehe, but that's not what I'm blogging about today, the spotlight is on Synergy.

Why do we need a culture of synergy? For me, being a part of the music team at church... I shall illustrate using a music team. Everyone in the team does a different job:
-a pianist plays the piano
-a guitarist plays the guitar
-a vocalist sings
-a drummer plays the drum....etc.
Are these people doing the same thing? Nope, they are not. But they are part of ONE unit. Part of ONE team.
Would there be music if just 1 or 2 team members play? Not complete but yes! It can be done!
Would it sound better if ALL the team members play? Yes, if each plays their own thing... it would still sound strange.
Would it sound even more perfect if all the team members play in perfect synch with each other? Most definitely!!

That's synergy!!

How about at the workplace? Wouldn't these synergistic values work at the workplace too?

Some of us think so. But other don't. Some people are more territorial, they prefer to stay within their own clan, in their own little island... My point? This new colleague of mine was asking another colleague about a doctor she has yet to meet... whom I just happen to know from my previous job. So I thought that since I have his contact and mobile number, I'd offer it to her to help her. She just declined, ignored me and continued talking to the other colleague in her own team. So much for trying to be helpful eh? Is it so terrible to accept help from those outside your own team? So much for 1 company 1 team. Where's the synergy? Tak syok working with people like dat!

I thank God those in my team are not like dat. I finally found people who makes me feel that there's that team-chemistry. That chemistry that make working together fun. That feeling has been missing from my work life eversince I left my old company. Unfortunately, these 2 nice newbies are based outstation and I hardly get to see them. Even then, despite the distance there still is synergy!! Let's hope we can make beautiful music together then!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cat wannabe???

Look what the cat dog dragged in...

I think my Melodie is a cat wannabe... think is not the first time she has killed a mouse/rat. And she does it so well, not a single drop of blood!! Clever girl! Watch out mice!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Clothes galore

Went home early yesterday due to stomach cramps... missed the Muhib-Boogie class too. It was Salsa night lagi tu. Will NOT miss is next week!

Anyway, I rarely go home that early so when I did, I seem to have a lot of time at hand. I decided to clear out my cupboard which was overloaded with so much clothes due to my habit of shopping to relieve stress. Might as well give out those I hardly wear to people who need them more.

After clearing... I ended up with this much stuff to give away! :)

And what happened to my cupboard?

Colour coordinated!

Occasion coordinated!

I think some of my bestfriend's OCD habits must have crept into me. Yikes!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Counting blessings

After a bucket of tears, 3 bitching sessions wt 3 different gal-pals, some Baskin Robbins with a spinkle of liqueor, 6 consecutive episode of Desperate Housewives season 3, a shopping session and some tlc from bf... I feel so much better. I can see that my life is quite a charmed one. Very blessed: loving family, loving bf, great friends and a career. I just gotta regularly count my blessings. :)

1 of those gal-pals I spoke to over lunch yesterday said that, "everytime you feel your life is bad... go look at somebody else's whose worse off". Hehehe... wise advice. You WILL feel that your's isn't so bad. So what if I am not promoted (Yet!!). There are those people who are still at the same level they started with at the age of 35! I haven't even hit 30 yet... there is still plenty I can do to ensure I do not end up like them.Whining and complaining isn't going to make any difference. I just gotta take action more aggressively, that's all!

Ta ta and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


A very close friend of mine just got very good news to share today... her application for a regional marketing position has been succesful!! Am really happy for her. She's great at her job and a wonderful person too!!

However, I'm not so happy for myself. This really highlights how I've NOT progressed in my career.

My career started out pretty well, was always a high achiever. Was always nominated to take up additional responsibilities. Was always in all the special task force team. All my bosses from my previous jobs to this current one tells me that I am smart, a fast learner, good at managing relationships and I have a lot of potential to grow. Hah!! Potential... it will remain a potential forever if never released. Like a tightly wound up spring. The energy it contains will not go to any good use if it is never released.
But where has THAT led me? Let me illustrate it.

That friend of mine is the same age as me, we graduated from the same university, we even worked in the same company under the same division previously. Sigh! I think I've really reached a plateau. Maybe I've made crappy decisions career-wise? Maybe I was never at the right place at the right time? I feel like such a failure... :'(
I really need to inject some excitement into my career. I need to rekindle that fire I had for my work. I need another big slope in the graph.

Fire not so fiery anymore... fizzle fizzle... I better fan the fire before it is completely put out.
Or perhaps I just need a big tub of ice cream and a shopping spree???

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Double Reunion

Just a double high school reunion last Friday and Saturday. Why in the world would I attend 2 high school reunions when I've only studied in 1 school throughout Form 1 to 6? Well, many left after Form 5 and basically Form 6 is a whole new gang!! :)

Friday nite was at Earth, Jalan Sultan Ismail. That was with the Form 1-5 gang. Looks-wise most of them did not change much... only a couple of them put on a few pounds. But everyone is more mature and carry themselves alot better than in high school. I guess that comes with maturity. But no matter how much older or more mature we all grew, there's still that essence of our personality which stays with us forever. Majority were not married, me included.

SAB Class of '95!

However, on Saturday morning when the Form 6 gang met up at Tai Thong for Dim Sum... not only were majority married. They either already have kids or are pregnant!! I guess that's explains the very different choice of time and venue as compare to the one on Friday. Married people indeed are a different breed of people, especially those who has gone 1 step further into parenthood. I however have made up my mind ages ago that I will never take that extra step in life...
Sze Wui was there too, as she was the only one there who's in the same phase of life as me. Glad to have someone in the same boat!

6abc gang!

Both reunions were lotsa fun. It's always nice to catch up with old friends and find out how outdated you are on the progress of their lives. I wish we would have it more often.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy April's Fools everyone!