Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Double Reunion

Just a double high school reunion last Friday and Saturday. Why in the world would I attend 2 high school reunions when I've only studied in 1 school throughout Form 1 to 6? Well, many left after Form 5 and basically Form 6 is a whole new gang!! :)

Friday nite was at Earth, Jalan Sultan Ismail. That was with the Form 1-5 gang. Looks-wise most of them did not change much... only a couple of them put on a few pounds. But everyone is more mature and carry themselves alot better than in high school. I guess that comes with maturity. But no matter how much older or more mature we all grew, there's still that essence of our personality which stays with us forever. Majority were not married, me included.

SAB Class of '95!

However, on Saturday morning when the Form 6 gang met up at Tai Thong for Dim Sum... not only were majority married. They either already have kids or are pregnant!! I guess that's explains the very different choice of time and venue as compare to the one on Friday. Married people indeed are a different breed of people, especially those who has gone 1 step further into parenthood. I however have made up my mind ages ago that I will never take that extra step in life...
Sze Wui was there too, as she was the only one there who's in the same phase of life as me. Glad to have someone in the same boat!

6abc gang!

Both reunions were lotsa fun. It's always nice to catch up with old friends and find out how outdated you are on the progress of their lives. I wish we would have it more often.

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