Friday, April 20, 2007

Clammy situation

Today our big big director and another big boss from business development came around this part of the world to meet up with us. Meeting and then dinner as well.

My big boss actually opened up a big window of opportunity for me to showcase my work to these big shots in d company. Normally, I am a stage person... absolutely in love with the spotlight. I've always loved to talk, loved to shine, loved to showcase myself... hence am a regular blogger eh?
But somehow, this time... all I did was show them the stuff I did... spoke a few modest words and totally clam up!! Me? Clam up??? What in the world was wrong with me??!!! But I really totally clammed up! Didn't utter a word. How can I ever get a promotion like that? Yikes! I hope I did not ruin the impression the big shots have of me... or my boss's efforts of helping me shine would be in vain. :-/

Clammy me...

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