Thursday, April 05, 2007


A very close friend of mine just got very good news to share today... her application for a regional marketing position has been succesful!! Am really happy for her. She's great at her job and a wonderful person too!!

However, I'm not so happy for myself. This really highlights how I've NOT progressed in my career.

My career started out pretty well, was always a high achiever. Was always nominated to take up additional responsibilities. Was always in all the special task force team. All my bosses from my previous jobs to this current one tells me that I am smart, a fast learner, good at managing relationships and I have a lot of potential to grow. Hah!! Potential... it will remain a potential forever if never released. Like a tightly wound up spring. The energy it contains will not go to any good use if it is never released.
But where has THAT led me? Let me illustrate it.

That friend of mine is the same age as me, we graduated from the same university, we even worked in the same company under the same division previously. Sigh! I think I've really reached a plateau. Maybe I've made crappy decisions career-wise? Maybe I was never at the right place at the right time? I feel like such a failure... :'(
I really need to inject some excitement into my career. I need to rekindle that fire I had for my work. I need another big slope in the graph.

Fire not so fiery anymore... fizzle fizzle... I better fan the fire before it is completely put out.
Or perhaps I just need a big tub of ice cream and a shopping spree???

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