Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Showtime Synergy

Maybe some of you can remember the phrase from the title to be from an old animated series "Jem"?

Hehehe, but that's not what I'm blogging about today, the spotlight is on Synergy.

Why do we need a culture of synergy? For me, being a part of the music team at church... I shall illustrate using a music team. Everyone in the team does a different job:
-a pianist plays the piano
-a guitarist plays the guitar
-a vocalist sings
-a drummer plays the drum....etc.
Are these people doing the same thing? Nope, they are not. But they are part of ONE unit. Part of ONE team.
Would there be music if just 1 or 2 team members play? Not complete but yes! It can be done!
Would it sound better if ALL the team members play? Yes, if each plays their own thing... it would still sound strange.
Would it sound even more perfect if all the team members play in perfect synch with each other? Most definitely!!

That's synergy!!

How about at the workplace? Wouldn't these synergistic values work at the workplace too?

Some of us think so. But other don't. Some people are more territorial, they prefer to stay within their own clan, in their own little island... My point? This new colleague of mine was asking another colleague about a doctor she has yet to meet... whom I just happen to know from my previous job. So I thought that since I have his contact and mobile number, I'd offer it to her to help her. She just declined, ignored me and continued talking to the other colleague in her own team. So much for trying to be helpful eh? Is it so terrible to accept help from those outside your own team? So much for 1 company 1 team. Where's the synergy? Tak syok working with people like dat!

I thank God those in my team are not like dat. I finally found people who makes me feel that there's that team-chemistry. That chemistry that make working together fun. That feeling has been missing from my work life eversince I left my old company. Unfortunately, these 2 nice newbies are based outstation and I hardly get to see them. Even then, despite the distance there still is synergy!! Let's hope we can make beautiful music together then!

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