Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Counting blessings...

Everyone has their down days. I am having mine today. Why? I really can't seem to pinpoint the reason. Perhaps it's PMS? Or work frustration? Or wedding jitters? Or it's hitting 30? Or the problems I'm having with my new home? I don't know. I need to literally count my blessings in the attempt to cheer myself up.

1. I am blessed to have a fiance who loves me and we are getting married in March.

2. I am blessed to have the best boss in the world. She's understanding, she gives me the right balance between guidance and empowerment, and we have a very high level of trust between us.

3. I am blessed I don't look like this! And can still turn a few head even at my age.

4. I am blessed to have a bunch of friends I have a lot of good times with.

5. I am blessed with many talents. I can sing and dance... and I am blessed with the opportunity to use these talents.

6. I am blessed with a close-knit family and we are all still together.

7. I am blessed to have known God and is able to turn to Him for whatever.

8. I am blessed with good health... my thorough medical check-up report just came back all perfect. Even the doctor said that it is not common nowadays.

And the list goes on...
Then how come I don't feel all that blissful today? I hope it is just today... and when I wake up tomorrow morning, this feeling will be gone.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

SSing in KLPAC

This post is long overdue coz I just got the photos from baby for his birthday celebration this year. No more kidnapping this year... ;)

It was just a conventional dinner...

And a show to follow.

But while we were at the KL Performing Arts Centre, we might as well try to be artsy as well. With a touch of our signature ss-ness. hehehe ;p

The show Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah! was not as good as the original Broadway Parodies Lah! There were several bad singers in the cast... but still there were a few moments of laughs. Perhaps after I'm done with my studies we can audition for the 3rd or 4th sequel together just for fun??? ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

House kelam-kabuting

Yesterday, Zwi and Daniel hosted a pot-luck dinner for a bunch of us from church.

Plenty of food

Am not much of a cook, only know how to do very few dishes without screwing up. Even this dish, the last time I cooked it was probably around 10years ago!! ;p

My fried spicy nissin noodle wt luncheon meat!

One of the attention grabbers for the night was Thong Thong... their 1 yr old silky terrier with never ending energy. Hyperactive like crazy!! Super friendly too.

Mason & Steph playing with Thong Thong. They are in my cell-group and will be getting married 2 weeks before us... wonder would pastor let us keep d church decor up for 2 weeks? Heheheh

Me and d lovely hostess, Zwi

Yeap, definitely kelam-kabut

Coz there were 2 kids running about besides d hyperactive Thong Thong. ;)

Zwi even gave us all a little doorgift for her party... so sweet!

The other attention grabber of the night was the dance mat!! Here's our lovely hostess showing how it is done!!

I stayed the night at her place... and woke up this morning greeted by Thong Thong. :) She's so cute!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mamma mia!!

Just watch Mamma Mia the movie with baby today. It is absolutely positively GOOOOD!!! Such a fun movie to watch and I bet it was fun to make as well. A true feel-good movie. It is entertaining and heart warming.... I still have the leftover warm fuzzy feeling inside right now. Aaawwww.....

Loved the music soooo much too. I must must get the soundtrack.

I love it!! Love it! Love it!! Love it!!!! Cant wait for the musical!!

Only thing was that some stupid people were singing along with the ABBA songs. Oi! Nak nyanyi gi karaoke ok? Cinema is not d place!! Dah la these people cant sing... those who can sing (ahem!) also haven't bersuara!

We watched it in Sunway Pyramid. I realize that that place has the most confusing floors ever!! Look at this!

why 2 F's? and 2 LG1's? But only 1 G? Howcome got LG1 and LG2? Which is the lower level? Then why is there no CP1??? er.... pening!

Since I still feel warm and fuzzy and think that the world is all beautiful... did anyone see the rainbow in the evening on Monday?? Pretty isn't it? It really made my drive to my night class pleasant. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rockstar slide!!!

What's this?

My scraped knee... thanx to practicing the Rockstar slide for Bodyjam 46 cooldown on Saturday morning.

But I sooooooooooo love that song and sooooooooooo love that move... it was well worth the pain. Gila kan? hehehehehe... can't wait to do BJ46 on stage soon! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Flowers, flowers a-bloomin'

I love orchids... but the problem with them is the arrangement. There's rarely any purely orchid bouquets around. Normally orchids are not the "star" of the arrangement but rather the "back-up singers". Just like forget-me-nots. I love those too. I guess I have a thing for supporting the underdogs. ;)

Anyway, today was my office grand opening party. So, we got lotsa flowers from suppliers galore. So, I took several stalks of orchids back home to experiment on the arrangements for my wedding.

Thought I'd have simplicity in the design, simplicity is classy. Also, I can probably get friends to help out and save on florist expenditure too. Dad's friend owns an orchid nursery.... yay!!! So, daddy can pull some strings for her little girl.

Back to the designs... what do you think?

single stalk

single blossom

stalk surrounded by a few blossoms

single blossom surrounded by a few blossoms

I kinda like all!! Feel so indecisive for once. I just love orchids, they are pretty to me however they are arranged. I can always decide later... after I check with baby. At least I have some pretty orchids to brighten up my room for the next couple of days!